Ark Park groundbreaking!

We just thought that it was worth updating you on the fantastic giant boat with dinosaurs on it here in Kentucky, which could receive up to $43 million in tax incentives and $11 million worth of road construction upgrades.

In January, the good folks at Answers in Genesis said they were breaking ground that Spring.

In May, they said they were breaking ground this summer.

In June, they said their groundbreaking would be in August.

In early August, there was no groundbreaking. However, AiG did say that ground would be broken in “the next few months.”

In late August, they claimed that the ground breaking would happen… next Spring.

Meanwhile, Answers in Genesis is still taking donations, with about $20 million left to raise. They’ve been stuck on that number for quite a while now.

We will also note that when you donate money, they provide no disclaimer that you will be refunded if Ark Encounter is never built.

The Art of the Grift can be a beautiful thing, when done properly.

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