Monthly Archives: December 2011

Gov. Beshear nixes hospital merger

Yes, even Steve Beshear can surprise you, sometimes. The governor finally weighed in on Louisville’s mega-hospital-merger, and he’s given it the proverbial giant red X. Here’s the full statement below: FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 30, 2011) – “For the last several months, I have consulted with Attorney General Jack Conway, State Auditor Crit Luallen, officials from […]

Occupy Louisville heads to court to keep tents

The Occupiers camped out at Founder’s Square Park in downtown Louisville will get to keep their tents for a few more days than expected, but there’s no guarantee beyond that. The issue is headed to court Jan. 6. With their current special event permit set to expire on New Year’s Eve, the city recently issued […]

Ohio River Bridges financing agreement reached

Kentucky and Indiana have come to an agreement on how to finance the Ohio River Bridges Project, according to a news release from Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s office. This deal will allow construction on the project to commence in 2012. It basically splits the project in two, with each state taking the lead on half. Kentucky […]

Fischer says he “hopes” not to arrest Louisville Occupiers

Yesterday, LEO Weekly asked Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer if he is prepared to arrest people at Occupy Louisville if they do not comply with the order to remove tents from Founder’s Square Park starting Jan. 3. The city did not renew their permit for tents, citing health and safety concerns, and complaints from downtown residents. […]

Rep. Ed Whitfield says you have nothing to fear from mercury

District 1 Congressman Ed Whitfield has been the Republican point person in the House this year in their attempt to gut EPA rules seeking to reduce the amount of toxic filth put into our air and water from coal-fired power plants. And on Fox News Wednesday, when presented with the facts (yes, this was Fox) […]

KY Republicans already at each others’ throats over 4th District race

Well, that was quick. It appears some of the right-wing folks here in Kentucky are already fighting amongst themselves over the race for Rep. Geoff Davis’ open seat in the 4th District. The online war has flared up between Northern Kentucky race/muslim-baiting blogger Marcus Carey (who told cn|2 that he is thinking of running himself) […]

Yarmuth on payroll tax agreement; McConnell-Obama bromance ends

Rep. John Boehner — fresh off of being smacked around in public by Lord McConnell, then President Obama — finally put his tail between his legs and caved on his ridiculous blockage of the payroll tax deal this afternoon (even though the Tea Partiers are still going to pout). Here’s Rep. John Yarmuth’s thoughts: “I’m […]

Obama and McConnell: New BFF’s

After Mitch McConnell’s statement today — telling Rep. John Boehner to pass the damned payroll tax bill (nicely, though) — President Obama decided to take their new found friendship out for a test drive. It appears to suit him: Obama and McConnell teaming up against Boehner and his Tea Party bosses? A strange sight. Unfortunately, […]

McConnell speaks! And tells Boehner to pass the damned bill

Sen. Garbo has stepped out of seclusion to address his adoring fans (and the House Republicans that snubbed him and are certainly not adoring him right now). His verdict? Pass the damned bill, Speaker Boehner. “The House and Senate have both passed bipartisan bills to require the President to quickly make a decision on whether […]

Boehner vs. McConnell

Yesterday, the House Republicans’ rejection of the McConnell compromise of payroll tax cuts turned from an unspoken repudiation to an all out media proxy war. Even if it didn’t come directly from the mouth of Mitch McConnell or John Boehner, the lines were clearly drawn: Either you were a Republican who thought Mitch McConnell sold […]