KY Republicans already at each others’ throats over 4th District race

Well, that was quick.

It appears some of the right-wing folks here in Kentucky are already fighting amongst themselves over the race for Rep. Geoff Davis’ open seat in the 4th District. The online war has flared up between Northern Kentucky race/muslim-baiting blogger Marcus Carey (who told cn|2 that he is thinking of running himself) and the Tea People organizing duo of David Adams and his protege/puppet in Lexington, Mica Sims.

The flare up started with a post by Carey on Monday, in which he called out David Adams and the “militant wing” of the Tea Party in Kentucky as the “new RINOs” — the phrase that Adams and many in the Tea Party use to describe moderate Republicans — and how this could hurt Republican chances in the 4th District race, because they only support their own brand of Republicans and toss folks like David Williams aside when it comes to the general.

Adams and Sims jumped into the comments section to counterattack, and then Sims put up a post attacking Carey for being a Republican establishment shill.

Carey fired back at them in the comments and in other posts, getting personal with Adams and Sims:

I’m not talking about any particular people, but let me describe them in case you need some help in identification.

They will get behind a republican candidate but then talk trash about the republican party if their candidate doesn’t win. They say they are really more interested in advancing conservative principles, but refuse to work with elected officials to get that done. They treat all incumbents as if they are the enemy while trying desperately to make their candidate an incumbent.


Oh, and a bit of friendly advice. I wouldn’t assume such a noble pose regarding career moves and ulterior motives if I were you. It doesn’t suit-cha.

Them’s fighting words. Expect these two factions to be at each others’ throats through the course of the primary.

Meanwhile, Adams and Sims have thrown their support 100 percent behind Lewis County Judge Executive Thomas Massie — endorsing the Draft Massie movement — whom Adams calls possibly “the best candidate he has ever seen.” All indications right now show that Massie is in. Yet Boone County clerk Kenny Brown is still making noise about running, and could potentially split the Tea Party in Northern Kentucky.

LEO Weekly talked to Adams two days ago about the race, and what he sees as the strengths and weaknesses of the potential candidates from the perspective of the Tea Party.

Adams is not a fan of Boone Judge Executive Gary Moore (as are other Tea types in the area) due to “the excessive spending and taxation on the county level” on his watch.

Kenny Brown? “I like Kenny a lot,” says Adams. “The Boone County parks tax, taking that on and killing it was his baby. And he has a tremendous amount of support in the region. What I would hope to see is for him to be supportive of Thomas Massie.”

Chance of multiple Tea Party candidates splitting the votes? “I think anything is possible,” says Adams. “The liklihood of that happening is hard to say. There’s some effort of coordination — it’s also happening with the establishment folks — people are talking of jockeying for position.

Rep. Adam Koenig? “He has imporoved rather dramatically in recent years, like last year,” says Adams. “The KY Club for Growth gave him a pretty good rating. He started off pretty moderate. When he was on the city commission, he voted for some tax increases that got some of the local folks stirred up. He intends to play it pretty close to the establishment people, in terms of who he associates with and seems to support. But I think he’s moving in the right direction.”

Thomas Massie? “Massie has as compelling a story as anyone in Kentucky politics right now. Being able to tell that story throuought the 4th district will be very exciting, and I think will draw national attention.”

Katie Stine? “She has a pretty conservative voting record, I like her pretty well. I don’t think she’ll get in the race, though.”

cn|2 and Carey have floated even more names out there for potential candidates. We could conceivably be looking at a field of candidates that runs almost 10-wide.

Place your bets and grab your popcorn. This is going to be a brutal, ugly fight.

Here’s potential Democratic candidate Nathan Smith and fear-of-black-and-muslims blogger (Obama is totally tight with the Black Panthers and Muslim Brotherhood, dontcha know?) Marcus Carey on cn|2 last night discussing the race, below.


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    Please, Please, Please let it be Marcus Carey.

    His blog will write the ads for any Democrat.

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