Monthly Archives: January 2012

Jefferson County candidate filing update

(*- updated late Monday) Tomorrow afternoon is the filing deadline for all candidates in Kentucky, so here is a look at who has filed for the races in Jefferson County (assuming the injunction filed against the new House and Senate redistricting maps fails and the deadline isn’t pushed back). Louisville Metro Council 1st District Attica […]

Focus on the Family, with a pocket full of shells

We generally try to avoid providing attention to the now-irrelevant word-salad-artist Sarah Palin — if you deny her attention she loses power and withers away, much like Pennywise from ”It” — but this is too good to pass up. The former half-term governor of America’s fourth-lowest populated state and almost-vice president went on Fox News this […]

Pee Alert! Ethics on parade!

This morning the Legislative Ethics Commission released their monthly report, detailing the latest Kentucky news in lobbying and ethics. This little excerpt on the second page jumped out at us: Local Website Fails on Ethics A website called Page One recently published false statements about the members of the Legislative Ethics Commission. In the first […]

Stumbo wants to continue killing people, only less humanely

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway recently stated that he does not support the American Bar Association’s call for a moratorium on the death penalty in Kentucky, despite the many egregious flaws in our state’s system. Neither does former attorney general and current Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t for reforming […]

JCPS: No love for charters

This week, public charter school advocates rallied in Frankfort. And former Louisville mayoral candidate Hal Heiner and his charter-loving group, Kentuckians Advocating Reform in Education, released their second charters-will-save-us television spot. In it, kids go from glum and surly looking to gleefully exploding from school house doors with minds full of college preparatory academics. Click […]

David Williams and the angry inch

Even though Gov. Steve Beshear signed the partisan, vindictive and possibly unconstitutional redistricting bill for the state legislature last Friday, the past week has been full of news surrounding the push back against it In Lexington on Saturday, a rally of around 125 people protested the redistricting plan that will disenfranchise about 90,000 people in […]

Yarmuth on fairness in taxation

Today on the House floor, Rep. John Yarmuth echoed Barack Obama’s call for economic equality and fairness in taxation from his SOTU address last night, without the visual aid of Warren Buffet’s secretary: Meanwhile, Warren is still waiting on Mitch McConnell to take him up on his offer.

So, what’s in a 550 page schools audit?

Ok, so we haven’t read ALL 550 pages of the JCPS Curriculum Management Audit. (Click here for the full thing.) We’re not fluent in wonk, so these things take time. But a couple hundred pages (two very dry eyes and one unintended snooze while reading) later, here’s a taste of what we know (in somewhat […]

Rand Paul advocates for big government intrusion of your* privacy

(* – if you have a uterus) Sen. Rand Paul, who was targeted/profiled yesterday by government stormtroopers and thrown into a FEMA detainment camp before being liberated, sent out a message today on his website. He posted the speech that he was going to give at an anti-abortion rally that he missed due to his […]

Rand Paul: “The glitch set me up!” (VIDEO)

We really do miss the pre-Maddow-debacle Rand Paul. He had the perfect mix of extreme paranoia and unfiltered stream-of-consciousness speech that made him pure entertainment to watch, just like his dad and their one-time media guru, Alex Jones. But then the infamous “Rachel Maddow” appearance happened, followed directly by his bizarre defense of BP on […]