Rand Paul advocates for big government intrusion of your* privacy

(* – if you have a uterus)

Sen. Rand Paul, who was targeted/profiled yesterday by government stormtroopers and thrown into a FEMA detainment camp before being liberated, sent out a message today on his website. He posted the speech that he was going to give at an anti-abortion rally that he missed due to his brave stance in defense of our Liberty and privacy in the face of an overbearing and intrusive federal government.

Remember, your privacy and freedom only count if you are an important uterus-less American.

Here’s some stunning hypocrisy:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, Sen. Rand Paul was scheduled to speak at the 2012 March for Life on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., but was improperly detained by the TSA and forced to miss the event. However, after the rally, Sen. Paul hosted a reception welcoming marchers from Kentucky and those across the country. Below are the remarks Sen. Paul would have delivered at the 2012 March for Life.

“The question remains, can a nation long endure or can a civilization long endure that does not respect Life? Our Liberty comes from our Creator and our freedoms depend upon a respect for Life.

In order to protect the unborn from the very moment life begins, I introduced the Life at Conception Act during my first year in the Senate. I have also cosponsored several other pro-life bills including the Life at Conception Act, the Protect Life Act, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, and the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.

I also strongly support a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would confirm in law that an unborn child is a person entitled to the right to life and support legislation that would restrict federal courts from hearing cases involving abortion. State governments must be allowed to implement laws that protect life.

It is the government’s duty to protect life, liberty, and property, but primarily and most importantly, a government must protect life. Today, tragically our nation wavers; our moral compass is adrift. Today, I worry about our nation’s future. Together a brighter tomorrow is possible if we join hands to restore our nation’s virtue.

To respect life and to listen to the voice of God that lives and breathes and beckons and yearns for our attention. When America remembers and restores her respect for life, when America refinds her moral bearings then we will thrive again, then we will find our way.

I will never give up fighting for the lives of our unborn children. May God bless America.”

Remember, a federal employee touching you in order to make sure that planes aren’t hijacked is tyranny, but a federal employee in your doctor’s office mandating your health care decisions and locking people up if they don’t do what Big Brother prescribes is what the voice of God calls for.

Glad we’ve cleared that up.


  1. Terry Carby
    Posted January 26, 2012 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    I don’t like abortion either. But I am a male and I don’t have to carry a baby around for nine months. I go to church every Sunday, but I am tired of people bringing their faith into the law and making laws that force me to obey the rules of their religion. Religion is a choice and I choose to try and keep religion out of the legal system. Just because your religion says that you have to kneel every Sunday morning in your pew, don’t try to force me to kneel. Just because your religion forces you to drink your beer in your basement so nobody knows about it don’t try to keep me from having a cold one when I want. Some of the people in the Tea Party scare me. I will bet that some them have sheets hanging in their closets right next to their brown shirts.

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