Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mitt Romney loves lamp

One week from today is the next round of America’s favorite new reality television program, the GOP’s “Please Let Us Elect Anyone Other Than Mitt Romney Show”, as Michigan and Arizona will hold their Republican presidential primaries. The past year has witnessed a long list of frontrunner contestants that were either voted out or quit […]

Andy Barr all over the map, literally and figuratively

Garland Hale Barr IV — also known as Andy Barr, the Republican gearing up for a rematch against Rep. Ben Chandler this year — has announced a “jobs tour” throughout several of the new districts in the 6th congressional district. cn|2 reports that the first stop for Barr — a frequent critic of government spending, […]

Southwest Louisville residents hold community meeting on coal ash

Last night, around 80 southwest Louisville residents met at the Southwest Government Center on Dixie HIghway to discuss what actions they can take to protect their communities from coal ash. Cane Run Road resident Kathy Little and Sierra Club organizer Thomas Pearce updated the crowd on what is currently happening at LG&E’s Cane Run and […]

Yarmuth talks bourbon, jobs on MSNBC

Here’s nine minutes of Rep. John Yarmuth waiting for Dylan Ratigan to stop talking on MSNBC today. When he could get a word in, Yarmuth talked about bourbon, the new GE jobs in Louisville, and his Constitutional amendment to combat the Citizens United ruling. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the […]

Rand Paul: If you ban synthetic drugs, prisons will turn into terrorist training camps

Sen. Rand Paul recently made news for putting a legislative hold on a bipartisan bill to ban a chemical used in synthetic drugs. He initially said the hold was due to his belief that this matter should be settled at the local and state level. Considering Rand Paul feels this way on 99 percent of […]

Fairness Coalition purchases statewide ad buy

The Fairness Coalition has launched a statewide ad campaign supporting fairness ordinances across the state that would prevent people from being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. Here is the ad below: Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman tells LEO Weekly that the ad campaign has both a long-term and short-term goal. “It’s really both,” […]

Scaling back unemployment benefits

So this crossed the AP a few hours ago: Unemployed workers would no longer be able to claim 99 weeks of benefit checks by this summer under a deal being worked out in Congress. Under this week’s compromise for extending a Social Security tax cut through the rest of 2012, federal unemployment benefits for people […]

LG&E facing permit obstacles for proposed coal ash landfill in Trimble County (UPDATE)

Last October, a public hearing was held in Trimble County by the Kentucky Division of Waste Management concerning Louisville Gas & Electric’s application for a permit to build a 200-acre coal ash landfill. Ronald Gruzesky, the manager of the Solid Waste Branch, and LG&E spokesman Paul Puckett took questions and comments from the 100 Trimble […]

Orchestra Musicians Committee rejects arbitration offer, presents counter proposal

With the Kentucky Opera set to use around 35 non-union replacement musicians tonight — along with the deadline for the musicians to accept the Louisville Orchestra management’s binding arbitration offer — the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Committee today rejected the arbitration offer. They also offered a counter proposal similar to the one they submitted in December, […]

Pharmaceutical group spent almost $200,000 on Frankfort lobbying in January

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association, a lobbying group for pharmaceutical companies, spent almost $200,000 last month lobbying in Frankfort, according to the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission. The group is opposed to legislation being pushed by Gov. Beshear and* many in the legislature (Senate Bill 50) to require a prescription for dry tablets of pseudoephedrine, which […]