Monthly Archives: March 2012

Giant golden genitalia arrives in Louisville

Swiped from Metro Council candidate Bryan Mathews‘ Facebook page, here is 21c’s new 30-foot tall David rolling into downtown and ready to cause the vapors: Fainting couches to Main Street, stat! Also, does Frank Simon protest women, children and closeted Christian men being visually assaulted by this giant golden schlong? Or does this arouse certain […]

Yarmuth hails Affordable Care Act on two-year anniversary

Today is the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, and shockingly we have yet to encounter any grandmothers executed by a death panel. In a press release sent out today, Rep. John Yarmuth did mention some things that have actually happened in those two years, though: “Two years ago, we made history by enacting […]

Romney says Bush saved America from another Great Depression (and wasn’t joking)

This was supposed to be a great day for Mitt Romney. He won Illinois easily last night, Jeb Bush endorsed him, and everyone in the media seemed to agree that Santorum was finished. But just a matter of hours after his spokesperson compared him to an Etch a Sketch, Mitt Romney decided to give a […]

Yarmuth unloads on House GOP budget

Rep. John Yarmuth does not think that the Paul Ryan budget is awesome:

Ken Ham advocates drowning atheists

It appears that Ken Ham didn’t like our post from Monday on his amazing children’s book showing humans riding dinosaurs through the desert and Arctic, as well as large carnivorous dinosaurs munching on lemons and bananas. On Facebook today, when commenting on the horror of an atheist rally in D.C. with tents for (gasp) children’s […]

Mitt Romney, the (somewhat) human Etch A Sketch (UPDATE)

After many months of moving as far to the right as he could in order to avoid being handed an embarrassing loss by the newly rabid Republican base, it’s fairly obvious that Mitt Romney faces a dilemma in the general election this November, considering most voters don’t wear tri-cornered hats and want to outlaw birth […]

Louisville Zoo shaking its fist at God with new saddle-less dinosaur exhibit

The popular “Dinosaurs!” exhibit is coming back to the Louisville Zoo on March 31 and includes 12 animatronic beasts such as the T-Rex and Megalosaurus. But a quick look at the Louisville Zoo’s website shows that kids will not be taught the Official Scientific Truth of Kentucky when it comes to dinosaurs. Unlike the Gov. […]

Yarmuth welcomes GOP presidential primary spilling into Kentucky this May

At Rep. John Yarmuth’s press conference this morning announcing his new bill to end $38.6 billion in subsidies to oil companies, LEO Weekly asked the congressman what he thought about the prospects of the Republican presidential primaries continuing to drag on into May, at which point Kentucky could become an important battleground state. “It doesn’t […]

Yarmuth announces bill to end oil subsidies, give back to car owners

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth announced at a Louisville gas station today that he will soon introduce a bill ending the $38.6 billion in subsidies set to go to oil companies — who continue to make record profits — over the next decade instead redirecting those funds to taxpayers struggling with rising gas prices. The bill would […]

Greg Stumbo says go buy a mountain, hippie

Gov. Steve Beshear held his press conference last week to celebrate four years of “Friends of Coal” license plates, and generations of strip mining and yellow/orange tap water in Kentucky. House Speaker Greg Stumbo also attended the press conference and had a message for all of those mountain-hugging hippies who actually think the destruction of […]