Unlike Paul, McConnell avoids the TSA’s internment camp oppression

As I’m sure you remember, last month Sen. Rand Paul was targeted for oppression by the TSA and thrown into an internment camp in Nashville because his defense of Liberty is a threat to Obama’s Stalin-esque brand of tyranny told to sit and wait to board a plane because he refused a pat down at the Nashville Airport after setting off a metal detector. Paul was able to leverage this into going onto 194 talk shows to complain about it and suggest he was targeted because, well, that’s what he does.

But according to this account sent to us by a concerned citizen — the Rev. Isaac McDaniel — Sen. Mitch McConnell is free from being subjected to such treatment. Rather, he is afforded some very special privileges, as he is a very special man:

Last Sunday afternoon, while waiting in line to go through the Security checkpoint at the Louisville airport, I saw a TSA agent allow Senator Mitch McConnell and his young male aide to bypass the Security checkpoint and proceed directly to their gate. (See attached photos.)

The next time I hear Senator McConnell complain about the perks of “career politicians” or “the liberal elite,” I’ll remember these photos.

Why? He’s obviously one of them. And special.


  1. China White
    Posted March 12, 2012 at 11:40 am | Permalink

    Actually, McConnell volunteered for the anal probe express line.

  2. Jim
    Posted June 18, 2012 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    I was walking through the terminal and I noticed a familiar face after my flight arrived at Louisville International Airport. It was Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell. He was able to bypass the TSA screening. The Transportation Security Administration has a list of people who are able to bypass security screenings, which includes senior congressmen, Secret Service, congressional aides and other V.I.P.s. I can’t blame McConnell for not wanting his “specials” photographed by an X-ray machine. I can’t blame him for not wanting a big, hairy dude named “Mario” touching his package— it feels invasive. I have a friend who claims he recently saw Congressman Yarmuth being scanned by the TSA at the Louisville International Airport.
    Polls reveal an abysmally low approval rating for Congress and I tend to attribute the low ratings to the public perception that Congress is out of touch with the average ‘Joe-The-Plumber American.’ I think it would be a noble gesture for McConnell to opt to stand with his fellow Americans and be screened by the TSA.

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