Mandy Connell, women, children and “stones”

For reasons I can’t comprehend, America is still in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden’s bones are somewhere deep in the Indian Ocean, but we’re still there. And Afghanistan, as it’s been for… well, just about ever, is still filled with horror and tragedy and misery. It might always be, no matter how good our intentions, or how unbelievably powerful we are.

But let’s just go ahead and go back in time to two weeks ago on the airwaves here in Louisville on WHAS.

This is Mandy Connell, giving a lesson to us all about what a real man with “stones” would do about that enigma:

“I am officially done with Afghanistan. I’m done. I am completely done. This country and these people are no longer worth our blood and treasure.”

If we had a president with any stones at all, he would summarily say, ‘Fine, you want your hellhole, rat-trap disgusting country? You can have it. It’s all yours. But if one attack is launched against American interests or American soil from Afghanistan, we will firebomb your entire hellhole of a nation. Women, children, you betcha!’ But we don’t. We have a president that decides to apologize instead.


“When I think of young men and women who voluntarily join the military, being sent over to defend these jackasses who not only don’t want us there, but are actively trying to kill them, I say OK, fine, I’m done. Have it your way. The next time we come over to bomb your country because the Taliban allows people to plan an attack from your country, we’re not going to stay to rebuild. We’re not going to stay for free elections. Because there won’t be anyone left to vote. That’s how I feel.”

“No more nation building in Afghanistan. There’s no reason for us to be in Afghanistan, other than to prevent the people of Afghanistan from being able to launch another attack against the United States. Fine. Let them launch it. It will be the last thing they ever do. No discussion. No treaties. No IAEA. No UN. No nothing. Just a hail of hellfire like they have never seen before in their pathetic, miserable, goat-loving lives.”

After some blood lust commiseration between Connell and callers, some foolish soul tried to tell Connell that people who kill human beings over books written about magic people in the sky who talk to you and send you marching orders are radical fundamentalists. Connell set him straight:

“These aren’t even fundamentalists, these are just Muslims. That’s the part that gets me.”

There is, of course, no difference. They should all die. We should die, they should die, everyone should die. Die die die. It’s a great way to build civilization, ain’t it?

Connell also noted the hypocrisy of people killing others for desecrating a Magic Sky Book. It was something about writing in a Koran, and sure, it’s hypocritical. But it’s mostly just the savage idiocy of killing over a book. The hypocrisy doesn’t really rise to the level of importance. Anyway:

“That’s the part that ticks me off the most, the blatant hypocrisy of these people!”

Today, Connell assured her loyal listeners on Twitter that they should stop giving excuses for the soldier in Afghanistan who recently had enough “stones” to massacre goat-loving women and children in their sleep. No apologies from that guy:

But do hate speech and hypocrisy really matter? They didn’t this weekend, and I’m guessing they still don’t for some people:

You know, unless you’re one of those bitches with no stones.

So what does this mean? Nothing, really, I suppose. This is par for the course in the discourse of this genre and many others, whether you lust for the massacre of goat-loving women and children, or you’re telling a stranger that she’s a prostitute who should put her slutty videos up online so you can watch her. They had it coming.

Some call it basic rules of human dignity, whether 30 million people are listening to you, or just yourself.

Others — from all countries, in all times, devotedly following the orders of all different Sky People in the Clouds — call it a damned good time.


  1. Steve Magruder
    Posted March 13, 2012 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    As outrageous as Connell’s statements are, I think we should just say, calmly, that she regularly engages in an ignorant, adolescent pattern of expression, and that it’s best to ignore her. Her feelings toward fellow human beings are nowhere near Christian or any belief system where humaneness and cross-cultural fellowship is cherished. She is the radio-based personification of a troll.

  2. Dan Akroyd
    Posted March 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    Whatever one thinks about America’s Vietnam adventure, Jane Fonda placed flowers in the rifles of VC soldiers while visiting them in their camps. Some might call that treason. Of course, Jane always was kind of an ignorant slut.

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