APCD and LG&E reach settlement over coal ash emissions

The Metro Air Pollution Control District and Louisville Gas & Electric have reached a tentative agreement over the two notices of violation issued to LG&E last year for spewing coal ash onto the neighborhood across from its Cane Run plant.

Under the settlement, which must be agreed to by APCD’s board at next Wednesday’s meeting, LG&E would pay $19,500 to APCD, plus $3,000 to the Air Quality Trust Fund.

They must also “conduct hourly visible emission evaluations” of their sludge processing plant and “take corrective action when necessary.”

Finally, LG&E must submit “a proposed plan for the application of dust suppressant to inactive open areas of the landfill. After notification from the District of its approval,” LG&E “shall comply with the plan.”

And this last line of the agreement caught our eye:

“Neither this Order nor the actions taken hereunder shall constitute an admission by Company of any wrongdoing regarding any of the matters referenced in this Order.”

Exactly. Because who should ever have to admit wrongdoing after spewing toxins repeatedly all over a neighborhood and not properly and legally reporting it.

You can read the entire proposed settlement here.

We’ll have more on this to come…

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