Romney, Rand, and the GOP establishment

Soon-to-be Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney will be in Louisville for a fundraiser tomorrow, looking for the other kind of dough at Papa John’s house in Anchorage.

At the very same time, the Louisville Tea Party will be holding a big rally not too far away, featuring the likes of Mandy “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife” Connell, Phil Moffett, and 4th District congressional candidate Thomas Massie. Tea Party overlord Sen. Rand Paul is listed as “invited/pending.”

Paul’s DC office told LEO today that his presence in Louisville is still up in the air and that it depends on the vote schedule tomorrow night.

Which leads us to wonder: If Paul makes it into Louisville tomorrow, which event will he attend?

The once purist Tea Party renegade has been acting awfully establishment lately, attending a fundraiser for and virtually endorsing the big-spending defense-hawk Mitch McConnell, who he has yet to speak an ill word about over the past two years. And speaking of spending, Paul has had no problem pushing Energy Department spending here in Kentucky — along with Mitch — even though he’s previously wanted to eliminate the department.

Paul, and his father’s campaign, are also playing footsie in the press with Mitt Romney, continually floating the idea that he could be the Etch a Sketch president’s running mate.

And the new Tea Party darling in Kentucky — Thomas Massie — has been endorsed by Ron Paul (who cited how much Massie helped Rand’s campaign in 2010), but Rand has been notably silent, even though a simple endorsement would likely be all Massie needs to win a tough primary over two establishment Republicans.

So… if Rand Paul is in town, does he attend the Tea Party rally, or help Mitt Romney raise some dough at Papa John’s house? Or both? Inquiring minds want to know.

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