KY “pro-life” group endorses Gary Moore for increasing teen pregnancy, abortions

cn|2 reports that Northern Kentucky Right to Life has endorsed Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore in the hotly contested Republican primary of the 4th District congressional race.

While six of the seven candidates scored a perfect 100 percent on their questionnaire (meaning that they want to criminalize abortion on the federal level, ban stem cell research, and outlaw funding for birth control coverage — small government conservatives, dontcha know), Gary Moore was able to put his head slightly above the rest with this accomplishment:

“We especially note the strong support and courageous efforts of Judge-Executive Gary Moore of NKRTL’s efforts to pass a resolution before the Northern Kentucky Independent Health District Board reversing their policy of dispensing contraception and abortifacient birth control pills to teenage girls,” said the April 11 endorsement letter signed by the organization’s treasurer, Fred H. Summe.

So a so-called “pro-life” group gives the nod to Moore because he went above and beyond to keep contraception out of the hands of sexually active teenagers. Which of course means increasing teen pregnancies and the number of young women traveling to Cincinnati and Louisville to have an abortion.


Congrats to Judge Moore, and hypocrisy everywhere.

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