Yarmuth invites Romney to another factory in Louisville

Mitt Romney, the man who made his personal fortune by shutting down American factories, had a campaign event at a closed down factory in Cleveland today, blaming it on big bad Obama.

On a DNC conference call today, Rep. John Yarmuth invited Mitt Romney to visit two more factories while he’s in town raising money at Papa John’s house in Louisville today:

Earlier today you might have seen that Mitt Romney went to Ohio for an event outside of a shuddered factory. That was a factory that closed in 2008 during the housing crisis, and the policies and economic philosophy Mitt Romney would bring us back to. I know he was trying to make the case that if the policies under the president were different, then that factory would be open. So I hope while he’s in Louisville he’ll go out and visit Appliance Park and Ford and see exactly what the policies of the Obama administration have done to revitalize manufacturing and add thousands of jobs in our community.

We’d ask Romney about that, but he’s in town to raise dough, not take questions from the gotcha media.