Bunning and Davis all in for Webb-Edgington

Former giant embarrassment to the state of Kentucky, Jim Bunning, along with current 4th District Congressman Geoff Davis, threw their endorsement today behind state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington in next month’s Republican primary for Davis’ seat, according to cn|2. Host Ryan Alessi will presumably air clips of the endorsement on his show tonight, so we’ll likely have to wait and see what kind of crazy things Bunning had to say until then.

This leaves Webb-Edgington with some hefty GOP establishment support, Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore with big “pro-life” support, and Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie with heavy Tea Party support — along with everybody who worked on Rand Paul’s senate campaign who isn’t named… Rand Paul.

Rand Paul — who was greatly helped in his campaign by Massie — has so far steered clear of returning the favor to Massie in this race. We’ll guess that this is likely due to Paul not wanting to offend the establishment Republicans that he’s had so much success sucking up to recently, nor take away valuable time that he could spend convincing people to ask him if he’ll be Mitt Romney’s vice president or a presidential candidate in 2016. Don’t hold your breath, Thomas.

*** UPDATE ***

Someone sent us this supposed video of Bunning’s announcement today, but we can’t verify its authenticity at this time:

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