The truth is relative

Last week, after video was released of coal ash billowing out of LG&E’s Cane Run landfill, spokesman Chip Keeling said that none of it actually left their property — even though their property line is less than 100 feet from the sludge processing plant that it was coming out of.

As we said then, we don’t know that Keeling was lying, as it is within the realm of possibility that LG&E has secretly invented and constructed an invisible force field around their landfill. Also, it might be plausible that the fly ash discovered on people’s houses across the street could have been due to widespread use of Sherman & Williams’ newest product, “Coal Ash Gray Weather Clad Premium Quality Smooth Exterior Acrylic Masonry Paint,” the perfect coating for exterior wood and metal in the Rubbertown/Riverside Gardens neighborhood. You don’t know that it isn’t, do you?

And speaking of jumping to conclusions, check out this wildly speculative and sensationalist story from The Courier-Journal today:

Longtime LG&E spokesman Chip Keeling was arrested Saturday night and charged with drunken driving after police spotted him driving the wrong way on River Road after Thunder Over Louisville with “clear strobe lights flashing” on his vehicle.

When stopped, Keeling told police he was with LG&E and was on his way to a scene where a vehicle had knocked down a utility pole, according to the police report.

The Louisville Metro Police Department let Keeling go but followed him, and once he passed the area on River Road and Zorn Avenue, where he said the pole had been knocked down, stopped him a second time, according to the report.

The report said Keeling had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, although he denied drinking.

Keeling failed a field sobriety test and his blood alcohol level was 0.171. The legal limit is 0.08.

Notice how reporter Jason Riley just blindly accepts the account of police, that Keeling was over twice the legal limit driving the wrong way down a dangerous road, putting people’s lives in danger. But at no point in the story does Riley point out that:

1) It was really dark outside, which means that the officer might have misread the breathalyzer. Also, many scientists purchased by people facing DUI arrests doubt the accuracy of breathalyzers, so there’s a lot of conflicting science out there.

2) Once again, it was really dark outside. Therefore, Keeling might have mistakenly turned the wrong direction on River Road, then passed the accident he was on his way to inspect, because it was too dark to see. Why else do you think he had that extra strobe light flashing, it was dark! But the police immediately jumped to a conclusion, instead of realizing that this is perhaps the most committed energy company spokesperson in the country, willing to pitch in and do basic grunt work with his hands in order to help out the rest of the utilities crew on a very busy night so that they could spend time with their families watching fireworks. And for this act of charity and teamwork, he is punished.

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the liberal media and their gross distortions and bias should not be surprised by such gotcha journalism from The Courier-Journal.


  1. Greg walker
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

    Just go’s to show the safety concerns that the upper management has at LGE. If that had been one of the workers they would have been fired the next day. I guess he told the police he was in legal limits and would pay a fine but would admit no wrong doing. Just like they did with there settlement with APCD just make a few phone calls and life is good. This would be a good case for MADD to watch and see what kind treatment Chip gets in the court system I’m sure it will be the same as everybody else.

  2. Jim Stevens
    Posted November 3, 2012 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    When he had multiple affairs at GE, even in the workplace, no one cared about his behavior….nasty dude