Bunning says he regrets endorsing Rand Paul

We were sad that former Sen. Jim Bunning didn’t say anything controversial in his endorsement of Alecia Webb-Edgington for Congress this week, but apparently we missed this gem from Scott Wartman’s article:

Bunning said he’s more careful about his endorsements after he endorsed U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate race in 2010.

“I endorsed in the U.S. Senate race,” Bunning said. “I took the lesser of two evils there. One person didn’t tell me the truth, and the other person I wasn’t sure what he would do when he got there. He’s disappointed me since he’s got there.”

That a boy, Jimbo.

When Rand Paul said he was going to be “closely watching” the behavior of others when deciding if he endorses Thomas Massie in this race, we were wondering who he was talking about, but that Bunning quote might give us an idea.

And speaking about that possible endorsement, check out this campaign event up on Massie’s campaign for next Monday in Boone County: “Thomas Massie at League of Kentucky Property Owners with Rand Paul.”

Let the KY GOP food fight commence?

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  1. Sanjay
    Posted April 26, 2012 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    this shows what a lunatic bunning is.

    Rand Paul is the single greatest force in Senate against more wars, more bankruptcy, more govt, and more poverty.

    Mike Lee, Paul and Demint have done a great job.