Orchestra musicians agree to contract, thanks to Jim King

While Mayor Greg Fischer was completely disinterested in helping the Louisville Orchestra come to an agreement with its musicians, thankfully Council President Jim King stepped up in the past few weeks and made it happen, according to the musicians’ negotiating committee chair Kimberly Tichenor:

“There is no way we could have done this without our Metro Council President Jim King,” said Tichenor, with King standing to her right.

“I was told by Chuck Maish on Monday night that the orchestra board had already approved this agreement with one change that they wanted made that the musicians adopted tonight,” King said, adding that those changes concerned the parameters of the consultant.

“We’re really excited that someone’s going to come in here and take an honest look at the entire organization and from there we’ll chart the future,” Tichenor said.

Over the past three weeks, King has consulted with both sides to help them come to an agreement. King and Tichenor declined to make a copy of the agreement available to the media until both sides have officially signed it.