Dick Lugar down in poll, but Pat Boone has his back

With less than two weeks to go until primary day in Indiana, another poll released today (by the good people at Citizens United) shows that longtime Sen. Dick Lugar is seriously on the ropes in his GOP primary fight with Tea Party animal Richard Mourdock. Mourdock is up on Lugar 44 to 39 percent, which continues the trend of Lugar’s decline.

Even though today brought this bad news, there is a silver lining for Dick Lugar: Pat Boone is coming to his rescue, in this radio ad.

As Pat Boone goes, so goes Indiana.

A shame that Pat Boone’s ad didn’t say that Mourdock’s election would turn Indiana into a gay San Francisco paradise, like he did for Ernie Fletcher in the 2007 Kentucky gubernatorial race. And Boone’s robocall didn’t seem to help Andy Barr in his 2010 race, either. But as we all know, Boone is like a God to Hoosiers, so maybe it will work this time.