GOP 4th District congressional candidates get their debate on

LEO Weekly was at Oldham County High School last night for the 4th congressional District Republican candidate forum, where a packed auditorium heard about the evils of Obama, Obamacare and everything the president touches. The winner of next month’s primary will be Kentucky’s new representative in D.C., baring a miraculous Democratic victory this fall in the very conservative district.

Below are some of the highlights from the three front-runners: state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington, Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie, and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore. (No one knows who the other four candidates are, and likely still won’t after election day.):


Gary Moore talked about his rural upbringing, and his many years of experience in the big bad government — which include securing your tax dollars for government infrastructure projects. He also touted that he is a “100 percent pro-life” Christian who was endorsed by Northern Kentucky Right to Life (for increasing unintended pregnancies). Also the EPA is attacking coal, which is totally awful.

When asked how we can reduce our deficit without touching entitlements and defense spending (hint: without touching defense spending or raising taxes, we can’t), Moore said that we just need to gut the EPA, Department of Labor and the IRS. Additionally, we can’t raise taxes, must cut back regulations, and end “Obama’s bailouts” (not “Mitch McConnell’s bailouts, mind you). Problem solved.

Here’s how he answered a question about American foreign policy, and whether we should cut defense spending:

“Israel is our greatest partner, and we must support Israel in every situation. Within reason. (Enact “hardcore sanctions on Iran.”) When you look at military spending, it is an area that I think has to be considered probably the most delicately, because we must maintain our position in the world as the strongest. There is some non-discretionary spending when you look at military spending. And again, we should look at it, but we should be very very careful in how we do that. And again, we must support our greatest ally.”


Massie told the crowd his story about starting his business at MIT and creating 70 jobs in the private sector, unlike the other “career politician” on stage.

In his closing statements — after slamming the Patriot Act — he addressed endorsements, right after Webb-Edgington for the second time gloated about her endorsement this week by Jim Bunning and Geoff Davis. As you can see, no one has endorsed him because the establishment “fears” him:

“Don’t hold your breath waiting for establishment Washington politicians to endorse me. They won’t do it. They’re scared. They’re worried. Because I stood up here and told you that I’m not taking a pension. There’s 500 of them in Washington D.C. that are going to retire on your dime when they leave Washington D.C., and you’re going to be supporting them forever. But you won’t support me. And everyone up here says they’re for term limits, but I mean it. Everybody says they’re for a balanced budget, but I mean it. They know it, and that’s why they’re not going to endorse me.”

Massie then mentioned his endorsement by Young Americans for Liberty and the Louisville Tea Party (I believe the only time “Tea Party” was uttered in the entire debate), but totally neglected to mention his endorsement from Ron Paul. Interesting.

To Massie’s credit, he mentioned that it was Republicans that got us into debt:

“When I said I’m running to fix the damage inflicted by career politicians, I didn’t say the damage inflicted by Democrats. The Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats. We went $5 trillion in debt under George Bush, we went $5 trillion in debt under Obama. We need somebody that puts country in front of party. And that’s why I scare the establishment.”

But when it came to some other issues, Massie was indistinguishable for socially conservative Republicans of yore. Here he is when asked about Arizona’s draconian immigration law:

“It saddens me that the federal government has abrogated any responsibility for taking over our borders. And I think when the states step up and do the job, we should not punish them. The 10th amendment leaves to the states what the federal government will not do. So I believe also that we need to take away the incentives for social programs that bring foreigners across our border illegally.”

“It will be interesting to see what the Supreme Court comes up with. I think that’s also another reason why it’s so important that we un-elect Obama this next time, because we’re going to have two Supreme Court justices that will most likely be appointed by the next president.”

And Massie began his closing statement with this unprompted, uh, whatever you call this:

“I just want to make a clarification on some statements I’ve heard tonight. I heard that the Constitution was the best document in history. I disagree, it’s the second best document in history. The best document in history is the Bible.”

Yes, yes. Don’t let anyone tell you that the Tea Party is just group that cares about “fiscal conservatism.” It’s the same old folks, with new branding, that just want to cut spending even more.

In fact, look at this new mailing that Massie is sending out across the district:

Destroy women’s health clinics and criminalize abortion on the federal level. Go small government!


Besides touting her endorsement by Bunning and Davis, Webb-Edgington played up that she is the only candidate with legislative experience (because Frankfort is so popular these days, I guess). She also repeatedly bragged that she has never voted for a tax increase, even the recent hike on tobacco.

When asked about national defense, she said that it was important for America to be the policemen of the world:

“What we need to realize is that this administration has been dreadful in regards to its foreign policy. They have alienated our allies, and embraced our enemies. And our strongest ally in the Middle East is Israel, and we can not afford to allow Israel to be vulnerable. So we must have a strong national defense, because we are the strongest national and global security for the world.”

Yes, Obama keeps embracing our enemies… with a bullet to the face, right before he tosses them into the ocean.

When it comes to social security and Medicare, Webb-Edgington is all about privatization, so you can empower yourself with health care coupons:

“Congress has been unwilling to do their job in regards to entitlement programs. But we must keep our promises to the seniors that are approaching retirement age. But for the individuals that are just entering the work force, we must increase that retirement age, and provide pre-tax investment opportunites for individuals to create opportunites to take care of themselves in the future. If we don’t do that ladies and gentlemen, our safety net for seniors is going to go broke.”

“Provide pre-tax investment opportunites for individuals to create opportunites to take care of themselves in the future” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

She also spoke about how unfair our tax system is… because those poor people are getting it easy, and millionaires are being oppressed:

“Currently we got 49 percent of the people in the United States that don’t pay any tax. And what’s fair about the corporate tax that is 40 percent? It’s the largest tax of any industrialized nation. We need overall tax reform, and we need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.”

A man wearing a top hat and monocle then stood up and chanted “Tax the poor! Get off our backs!”


So, who should we send to Washington?