Shocker: LG&E’s Cane Run Berlin Ash Wall doesn’t work

Now that LG&E has built their little fence in front of their Cane Run sludge processing plant, neighbors across the street can breath easy, as coal ash will no longer rain down on their houses.

Or, as this video shot by neighbor Greg Walker on Saturday shows, perhaps not:

The sludge processing plant was not even on. That’s just dust blowing from the landfill, which is a heck of a lot longer than LG&E’s new drive-in theater screen.

Walker tells LEO that he eventually had to go inside at the end of the video because the ash was pelting him in the face like sand, along with the houses along Cane Run Road. He also says that LG&E would have to build a “Superdome” over their landfill to keep coal ash on their property.

Metro Air Pollution Control District spokesperson Thomas Nord tells LEO that he has seen the video, and “We’re looking into it and taking it seriously.”

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