Yarmuth rips into Republicans for cutting aid to poor instead of oil subsidies

Rep. Paul Ryan just rammed $300 billion in cuts through the House Budget Committee, carefully exempting defense spending and tax breaks for oil companies making record profits. Who got the brunt of it? Those damned poor people, of course:

The measure approved today would cut off food stamps to 1.8 million Americans, according to the Congressional Budget Office, while reducing assistance to millions more. It would give states more ability to pare their Medicaid rolls and would end Social Services block grants, which fund programs such as “Meals on Wheels” for senior citizens.

The 2012 Republican Party loves decrying “class warfare” these days, don’t they?

Here’s Rep. John Yarmuth in committee today, saying that taking away billions of dollars in subsidies for oil companies making record profits is like asking Derek Jeter to pay for his own Gatorade:

The motion that Yarmuth is referring to in the clip would have prevented states from cutting CHIP programs that insure children. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Republican measure will end insurance for 300,000 children.

A later motion supported by Yarmuth would have stopped Republicans from cutting 1.8 million people from SNAP (food stamps) and reducing food assistance programs for 44 million people — for a household of four, amounting to an average of $57 per month. According to Kentucky’s Cabinet of Health and Family Services, over 130,000 people in Louisville receive such food assistance, and every last one of them would see that reduced.

The total cuts to SNAP in this bill equal $36 billion. How much do oil companies get in tax breaks/subsidies? $40 billion.

But like Ayn Rand Paul and the new Tea Party-led GOP say: Those poor little kids need to learn how to fight through those hunger pains and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. It builds toughness. And sure, we could spend that money so that children could eat and have access to health care, but what would those kids sacrifice in terms of their own Liberty? Think about it.

But the CEO of Exxon? He’s a job creator. They are very delicate souls, so back off, you dirty class warriors.

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    My dream retirement would be no bills, no worries and excellent health.

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