Kentuckians for the Commonwealth releases candidate surveys

We’re now in an 11-day sprint to the finish line, with Kentucky’s primary day on May 22.

With that in mind, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth released their helpful candidate guide for voters across the state in every big race, including Metro Council races here in Louisville.

If you’re looking for information on candidates in these races — as well as which ones snubbed KFTC — this is a good place to start, as KFTC asked each candidate questions on a wide range of issues, from energy to taxes to affordable housing.

LEO Weekly will have a (we hope) helpful guide on the races in next week’s issue — including a Q&A with all four candidates in the big state Senate 19th race, which will determine who takes over retiring Sen. Tim Shaughnessy’s seat — as well as plenty more online, all the way up until election day.