EPA “gets on the back” of LG&E’s Trimble County coal ash plans

LG&E was already having trouble getting a permit for their amazing new coal ash landfill next to their Trimble County plant, but now they are running into a much bigger obstacle than caves and state agencies: the EPA.

As The Courier-Journal reported, the EPA has informed LG&E that they are not a big fan of their new landfill:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials are opposing a proposed wetlands-destruction permit for the Louisville Gas and Electric coal-burning waste landfill planned for Trimble County.

The opposition to the permit throws another hurdle in front of the power company’s plans to store nearly 1 million tons of ash and scrubber waste at its Trimble Generating Station along the Ohio River northeast of Louisville.


Tom FitzGerald, director of the Kentucky Resources Council environmental group, said the corps could ignore the EPA’s concerns but that “the strength of this letter suggests that if they were to do so, the (EPA) would elevate the matter, or possibly use their … veto authority.”

“I think the presence of a very high-quality stream and the questioning of the actual volume of disposal capacity needed may make permitting this site very difficult,” he said.

LG&E told Bruggers that if they can’t dump their toxic waste in Trimble’s backyard, they might ship it to southwest Louisville’s Mill Creek plant so their neighbors can get some more of that stuff that is leaking into the Ohio River and isn’t harmful at all. They’d probably also love to get their new coal ash landfill approved at the Cane Run plant, but we’re guessing that one is probably dead in the water, considering the performance of their old one.

Sierra Club organizer Thomas Pearce, who has worked with neighbors surrounding all three plants, says that the hot potato game that LG&E is playing with its coal waste isn’t necessary.

“It is amazing the amount of resources that LG&E utilizes to continue polluting our community’s water and air with dirty toxins and carbon from power plant emissions and coal ash while investing almost nothing on carbon neutral sustainable energy delivery systems,” Pearce says. “Isn’t it time they brought our region clean safe renewable energy?”

And to Pearce and the EPA, Gov. Steve Beshear says…


  1. steve boldery
    Posted December 17, 2013 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    can someone give me an update on the trimble co ky proposed coal ash pit. I live on ogden ridge rd and cant get any info from lg&e

  2. jsonka
    Posted December 18, 2013 at 9:09 am | Permalink

    Steve, all is quiet right now. People are waiting on LG&E to resubmit a permit application following their last rejection.