Councilman Ken Fleming joins the Birthers

With Donald Trump going on yet another insane Birther tirade on the morning of his fundraising appearance with Mitt Romney, Louisville’s Metro Council had some rather significant Birther news of its own last week.

Marilyn Parker won her Republican primary in the 18th District over incumbent Jon Ackerson, despite her outspoken views that President Obama is a secret Muslim who was not born in America and is a devotee of “Carl” Marx. (Not to mention that he probably masterminded the Arizona massacre last year using some kind of Red Muslim mind-control ray on the shooter.)

WFPL’s Phillip Bailey followed up with Parker after her win, and she once again emphasized that Obama’s birth certificate is an issue that every voter should examine this year.

Surprisingly, 7th District Councilman Ken Fleming chose to jump on the Birther Train, too, saying he hasn’t been convinced of Obama’s citizenship yet, either:

“People can keep bringing up the birth issue and all those sorts of things, but that’s a federal matter. She ran for a race at that time and she made those comments at that time,” he says. “But you know what? She ran for the Metro Council race, she understands what the objectives are and you know we’re not going to worry about those comments in the past because that was another race.”

When asked if he believes the president is a U.S. citizen, Fleming said he had no documentation to make a comment.

Some people consider crackpot insanity a “national” or “federal” issue. However, we tend to think of it as a universal issue.

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  1. Bud Hixson
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    wow, I feel like I almost read a short article about something meaningful.