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Yarmuth to GOP: Stop lying, start reading

Rep. John Yarmuth made a friendly suggestions to his Republican colleagues on the House floor today, telling them to actually read and understand the Affordable Care Act so they won’t feel the need to misinform their constituents about it. (We suspect that was the plan all along for most, though.) Here’s the video: Also, here’s […]

Mitch McConnell has a sad (but thank him too for Obamacare)

Here’s the first image we saw from Sen. Mitch McConnell’s video response to today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare: My goodness. Either Mitch is a better actor than we thought, or he definitely did not “pre-record” his various responses to the ruling like Richard Mourdock. That puss is sour. You know why he’s really sad? […]

Yarmuth praises Obamacare ruling

Here’s the statement just sent out by Rep. John Yarmuth, who correctly predicted that Obamacare would be upheld by the Supreme Court: “Today, the Supreme Court made a decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act that is in step with the Constitution and the majority of Americans. “The law lowers costs, strengthens care, and – […]

Obamacare ruled constitutional, thanks to George W. Bush

The details are still trickling in (after CNN first erroneously reported that the individual mandate was struck down — Dewey beats Truman!), but the Affordable Care Act was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court this morning. The deciding vote? Justice John Roberts, appointed by President George W. Bush. Thanks, Bu.. Bu.. Buuu… (sorry, that’s hard […]

Undocumented and unafraid in Louisville

Last October, LEO Weekly profiled the struggle of a Louisville student who, despite outstanding grades and dreams of being a lawyer, was stuck working at a restaurant while attending community college — and living in constant fear of deportation. She was one of the estimated 2.1 million young immigrants who was brought to America through […]

$59 million loan goes to Kentucky Health Care Cooperative… maybe

The Supreme Court may very well invalidate this in their ruling tomorrow, but here’s the word from Rep. John Yarmuth’s office on the next phase of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare, Death Panels, etc…): real, honest-to-God, affordable health care: WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) said the award of a federal loan to […]

Take a Chance on Me: An “ex-gay” affiliate chats with LEO

In this week’s LEO we spoke with Daniel Mingo, director of Abba’s Delight, the ministry the helps homosexuals live their entire lives in forced chastity with the help of Jesus, just as he would have wanted. You know, instead of doing what is natural, perhaps even forming a lifelong bond with someone you love. Sounds […]

Rand Paul focused on creating jobs

Oh, come on now. Of course not. But what is he focused on today? Adding an amendment to a flood insurance bill that says the Big Brother federal government can own the uterus of every woman in America, making it easier to prosecute sluts and baby killers with murder. Libertariantastic! Here’s Sen. Harry Reid on […]

AEG wins contract to operate Yum! Center, workers learn fate Monday

As Business First reported last night, Los Angeles-based AEG Facilities has won the contract to operate the Yum! Center. While the Kentucky State Fair Board has operated the arena since its construction, the Arena Authority sought out a private operator due to the arena’s high operating costs, which have exacerbated the already shaky financial standing […]

McConnell hiding behind Romney, falsehoods on immigration

Sen. Mitch McConnell was pretty outraged by President Obama’s decision to stop deporting young law-abiding immigrants who were brought into America as children by their parents without documentation. He went on Fox News Monday and blasted Obama for 1) not pushing such immigration reform when he had majorities in both houses of Congress and 2) […]