Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mitch McConnell to speak at his first Tea Party rally in Kentucky next month

Sen. Mitch McConnell isn’t the best of friends with the Tea Party in Kentucky, and he’s never before spoken at one of their rallies, but that is about to change next month. Sarah Durand, president of the Louisville Tea Party, tells LEO Weekly that McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul will speak at a Tea Party […]

JCPS holds discipline training

This week JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens convened an all-day training on a form of discipline known as “restorative practice.” It’s an approach to student behavior that’s supported by social justice groups and advocates like Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together or CLOUT. They’ve been pushing for JCPS to adopt a new form of discipline […]

McConnell says profit makers “must be up to no good” and “cheating”

From May 22, here’s Sen. Mitch McConnell commenting on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, committing a treasonous act of class warfare against American job creators: “If you’re making a profit you must be up to no good, you must be either mistreating your employees or cheating your customers or both.” Just to be clear […]

Report shows one in four KY children living in poverty

Between 2005 and 2010, the percentage of children living in poverty grew by 18 percent, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book. This equates to one in four Kentucky children in poverty. In 2010, Owsley County, in eastern coal country, lead the state with a 54.4 percent child poverty rate. […]

Teen rape victim won’t go to jail for naming who assaulted her

If you read The Courier-Journal this weekend, you were no doubt infuriated by the chance that 17-yea-old rape victim Savannah Dietrich of Louisville might go to jail for naming the two high school students who sexually assaulted her. Frustrated with their plea agreement, which she saw as a slap on the wrist, Dietrich tweeted their […]

KY Club for Growth gives Louisville legislators a badge of honor

The Kentucky Club for Growth just released their new “legislative scorecard,” grading each Kentucky state legislator’s voting record on “issues of fiscal responsibility and economic freedom.” In other words, who is a big-spending liberal, and who is a Rand-ian superhero depriving the tyrannical state government of tax dollars that steal your Liberty. Only five of […]

McConnell attacks parents, teachers, police and public infrastructure as worthless

Here’s a jaw-dropping quote from Sen. Mitch McConnell this morning, riffing off the Mitt Romney campaign’s dishonest out-of-context mischaracterization of President Obama’s speech about how those who are successful in America rely in part on the system in place to support them. Whereas Romney dishonestly says that Obama said business owners “didn’t build” their business (Obama […]

Metro APCD slaps LG&E with notice of violation, $24,000 in penalties

Yesterday the Metro Air Pollution Control District sent a notice of violation letter to LG&E for seven air quality violations dating back to February, assessing the company with $24,000 in penalties. All but two of the violations involve coal ash leaving LG&E’s property at the Cane Run plant. In April, LG&E reached a settlement with […]

Work of local nonprofit in the spotlight

The Network Center for Community Change (NC3) is all about empowering communities. They take it seriously and do it with a smile, even when it means knocking on doors day after day to learn about neighborhoods and the residents that occupy them. So NC3 is rather pumped that a new initiative called Community Engagement Mapping […]

Report shows problems in Metro’s Community Services and Revitalization Dept.

As part of Mayor Greg Fischer’s ongoing review of Metro departments, an independent review of the Community Services and Revitalization department has just been released. (CSR oversees a host of services, from rental and heat assistance to home repair to self-sufficiency programs. The issue of vacant and abandoned properties also falls under its purview.) The […]