Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mitch McConnell’s old boss is ashamed of him

Back in the late 1960s, Mitch McConnell worked in D.C. for Republican Sen. Marlow Cook. That was back in the day that McConnell had youthful experimentations with ideological moderation, civil rights, peace and democracy (we all do crazy things when we’re young, don’t we?). Cook was more conservative than Mitch and his former boss, Sen. […]

Rand Paul lies his way up the ladder at RNC

In return for his willingness to ignore the pleas of his father’s supporters, toe the party line and play cheerleader for Mitt Romney, Sen. Rand Paul was given a prime-C-SPAN-time speech at the Republican National Convention last night. For the most part, Paul did more of the same. The main theme of his speech was […]

Rand Paul joins the GOP dog whistle brigade

Sen. Rand Paul gave the GOP weekly address this weekend, full of completely ridiculous rhetoric about the liberal war against everything decent and good about America. In the middle of his “War! War! War!” speech, this little excerpt caught our ear: As the president campaigns against those who have succeeded, as the president vilifies those […]

Attorney general sides with CART on Drumanard Estate records

The Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation (CART), a vocal critic of the Ohio River Bridges Project, is welcoming an attorney general’s decision that could yield greater transparency in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) April 2012 purchase of the historic Drumanard Estate. KYTC’s $8.3 million purchase of the estate from the Soterion Corp. pushed […]

Vacant, Abandoned, Overgrown

If you live in an area prone to vacant and abandoned homes, chances are you’ve watched patches of urban jungle sprout up. This year, according to the Department of Codes and Regulations, it’s been even harder to keep up with maintaining those properties. Right now, the department has a backlog of 1,700 properties in need […]

Rand Paul refuses to renounce Todd Akin

At long last, Sen. Rand Paul has given a public comment on Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin. And unlike Mitch McConnell, who has demanded that Akin immediately drop out because he is now a losing candidate and wants to replace him with an electable one so he can realize his dream of being Senate Majority Leader […]

Yarmuth calls out McConnell for more health care fibbing

Mitch McConnell was in Shelby County on Monday, spreading his unique brand of truth about the Affordable Care Act, calling it a “federal government takeover” of health care, along with this whopper about possible Medicaid expansion in Kentucky: McConnell told about 50 employees and volunteers at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville that the health-care reform plan, dubbed […]

Wonder Tea Powers, activate!

Frankfort hosted the grandest political shotgun marriage it has ever seen yesterday, as Rand Paul and the Tea Party welcomed the TARP cheerleader and most prolific tax dollar appropriator in the history of the Senate with open arms, with Sen. Mitch McConnell speaking at his first Tea Party rally. We’ll have much, much more on […]

Mitch McConnell’s Tea Party initiation ceremony begins at 11:30

Today in Frankfort, the Tea Party in Kentucky will officially forgive Sen. Mitch McConnell for bailing out the banks, running up the deficit and raising the debt ceiling, as the Republican Senate Leader speaks at his very first Tea Party rally. We think the new hat and radical ideology looks rather dashing on him. The […]

Mourdock slammed with new Majority PAC ads

While there’s not a tremendous amount of big game electoral drama in Kentucky this year, one of the biggest and most competitive senate races in the country is right across the river in Indiana, where Tea Party darling Richard Mourdock is locked in a dead heat with Democrat Joe Donnelly. The seat was thought to […]