Mitch McConnell’s old boss is ashamed of him

Back in the late 1960s, Mitch McConnell worked in D.C. for Republican Sen. Marlow Cook. That was back in the day that McConnell had youthful experimentations with ideological moderation, civil rights, peace and democracy (we all do crazy things when we’re young, don’t we?). Cook was more conservative than Mitch and his former boss, Sen. John Sherman Cooper, but it was another job for McConnell to use to climb the ladder.

cn|2 caught up with Marlow Cook this week in Florida, and it’s fair to say that Cook isn’t especially proud of what McConnell and his party have become. He says that America would be served well by four more years of President Obama, and that his Republican Party has become a bunch of rigid theocratic extremists.

And Mitch McConnell? Cook says he’s dismayed that McConnell uses all of his intellect and energy for the narrow purpose of defeating Obama, instead of, you know, actually helping the American people:

McConnell can’t hear such pleas, of course, because his new tri-corned hat is pulled down over his ears.

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  1. doug
    Posted August 31, 2012 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    Mitch has progressively gotten worse. Used to vote primarily Republican, not a straight party lever puller (don’t need to think too much for that do you?). However, Mitch’s statement some time back about defeating Obama as a sole purpose really turned me off. Mitch almost bit off off Mark Shield’s head last night for asking about this, and Mitch tap danced around this issue. I heard it live when he said it originally, and there is no denying it. Sort of lines up with the the tax pledge all these Republicans took. Why take a pledge like that. Once you are elected you take the Oath of Office to represent all the people. We don’t need separate pledges, especially nonbinding BS.