Rand Paul lies his way up the ladder at RNC

In return for his willingness to ignore the pleas of his father’s supporters, toe the party line and play cheerleader for Mitt Romney, Sen. Rand Paul was given a prime-C-SPAN-time speech at the Republican National Convention last night.

For the most part, Paul did more of the same.

The main theme of his speech was the main theme of the convention so far, which is a blatant and shameless lie — “You didn’t build that!” — taking President Obama completely out of context to mislead that he said business owners didn’t build their own business, instead of what he really said, that business owners didn’t build the roads, bridges and infrastructure that they rely upon. Almost every speaker has trotted out the line in the taxpayer-funded Tampa arena.

In fact, Rand Paul liked the RNC-themed lie so much that he used it nine times. That’s nine times more than he mentioned the words Ron Paul, Afghanistan, Patriot Act, NDAA, bomb bomb bomb Iran and bailout. There would be no time for pointing out the importance of his father to the self-described “Liberty movement,” and only time for vague passing mentions of defense spending and trading liberty for security. There would be no grand “look in the mirror and embrace Ron Paul vision” moment.

No, his speech was about telling worn out, Romney-approved lies to tear down Obama, eventually giving Mitt — whom Paul’s most ardent supporters despise, and the granddaddy of the health care law he opened his speech bashing — a full-throated endorsement. He even gave a shout out to “Mr. Exxon Mobile” — literally. Corporations are people, my friend!

It’s the 2012 Rand Paul modus operandi, which couldn’t be any more different than 2009: Put your differences aside with the GOP establishment and work your way up the ladder without rocking their boat.

Paul Jr. for President, 2016 Iowa Caucus edition has already begun. Ron Paul fans can come along for the ride, as long as they don’t make too much noise and don’t mind being ignored.


  1. trish
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  2. Phun Bear
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    Obama to Hillary during Democrat primary…solving the health insurance crisis by requiring people to buy insurance is like solving homelessness by requiring people to buy a house.

  3. CoolerKing
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    Mitt Romney in 2005: The individual mandate is “the ultimate conservative idea.”