Mourdock stands by comment, apologizes if people are too dumb to understand that God wants rape pregnancies (UPDATE)

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock held a surreal press conference this morning in which he repeatedly said that both he and God don’t like rape, stood by his comment that God intends for pregnancies to result from rape, and apologized to anyone who misinterpreted his comments.

Sticking the landing on a Half-double-down, Half-apologize-if-you-were-offended back-flip is difficult, and we’ll have to wait to see if Indiana voters forgive Mourdock for his comment that created the national media firestorm.

Besides apologizing to people who “misinterpreted” him, he also attacked those who “twisted” his words — though we’re not sure what the difference is. He also couldn’t give a clear answer on how God wants pregnancies from rape, yet not the act that made that pregnancy possible.

Mourdock’s problem is that among those “twisting” his words is GOP gubernatorial candidate frontrunner Mike Pence, who called on Mourdock to apologize. Mitt Romney’s campaign said last night that he disagrees with Mourdock’s statement, but said today that they will not request that Mourdock pull the ad that went up Monday featuring Romney giving a big endorsement for him.

Sen. Mitch McConnell — who watched the last presidential debate with Mourdock, whom he is campaigning for — has not responded to LEO’s inquiries on whether he agrees with Mourdock’s comments and still supports him. McConnell denounced Todd Akin’s rape comments this summer, but he said Monday that Mourdock’s victory is essential for the Republican Party to take over the majority in the senate.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and Obama campaign are pouncing, tying Romney to Mourdock:

What say you, Mitch?

***** UPDATE *****

McConnell just fully endorsed Mourdock’s comments, calling criticisms like that of Mike Pence “partisan” attacks.

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