Wicker warned by FEC over tardy campaign finance filing

3rd District Congressional candidate Brooks Wicker — facing off against Democratic incumbent Rep. John Yarmuth in two weeks — must have raised so much money (literally thousands of dollars!) that it’s taking him an extraordinary amount of time counting all of those coins and wrinkly dollar bills.

Wicker’s campaign still hasn’t turned in their overdue campaign finance report to the FEC, which prompted this rather terse letter to the campaign from the FEC:

Dear Treasurer,

It has come to the attention of the Federal Election Commission that you may have failed to file the above referenced report of receipts and disbursements as required by the Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended.

You will be allowed until 5:00 pm est on the fourth (4th) business day from the date of this notice to file this report to avoid publication. If you have already filed the report by express, certified or registered mail or are planning to file it within four (4) business days from the date of this notice, please notify us immediately of the certified, registered or express tracking number and the date that the report was sent.


In addition, the failure to timely file this report may result in civil money penalties, an audit or other legal enforcement action. The civil money penalty calculation for late reports does not include a grace period and begins on the day following the due date for the report.

Let’s all hope that Wicker can finish counting his money in time, because Vegas odds are currently saying that the fine would actually be more than his campaign has raised over the past year.

I, for one, blame Obamacare. Because that always works.