Massie: Romney a “RINO,” his supporters “socialists”

Republican Thomas Massie appears to be the strong frontrunner in Kentucky’s 4th District congressional race, with strong support coming not only from his Tea Party base, but the GOP establishment, including Sen. Mitch McConnell.

But a Facebook post from Massie late last year shows that his opinion of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and his supporters, hasn’t always been particularly warm.

In a Nov. 15 post from last year, Massie calls Romney a “RINO” — Republican in name only — and says he is likely to win the New Hampshire primary because of “socialists” that had infiltrated the state from Massachusetts:

We attempted to contact the Massie campaign to see if he still shared those views, to no success. Former campaign chair Phil Moffett told LEO he is no longer in that position, and the person who he referred us to said he is in no way affiliated with the campaign. Calls to Massie’s campaign office have gone unanswered.

Bill Adkins, Massie’s Democratic opponent, has tried to paint Massie as a Tea Party extremist, but is badly out-financed and without a strong TV presence for his ads. Additionally, the 4th District has been redistricted to be even more conservative than it already was, making Massie the strong favorite to win.


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