Monthly Archives: December 2012

Louisville rules

OK, let’s end this year on a high note. Not surprisingly, someone at the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau has dutifully kept tabs on every accolade our city has received this past year in both print and online publications. With just days left in 2012, the email was sent to media outlets today. Drum roll, […]

New KIDS Count report focuses on education

A new report out today from Kentucky Youth Advocates focuses on education but also shows close to a quarter of Kentucky’s kids live in poverty. For 22 years, KYA has released a County Data Book monitoring the health and well-being of Kentucky’s 1 million children. This county data book is part of Kentucky’s KIDS Count […]

Kentucky Tourism does not “kick ass”

The guerrilla public relations gurus at Kentucky for Kentucky recently unveiled their new project in the video below, focused on finding a new state slogan that doesn’t suck as much as “Unbridled Spirit.” Their choice? Kentucky Kicks Ass: But according to a story in USA Today, Kentucky Tourism does not appear to be in favor of […]

Judd mocks McConnell’s obsession, as CW shifts

A Politico article last night revealed more about Mitch McConnell’s internal push poll of Ashley Judd, showing that telling voters that she is a foreign, baby-killing monster increases McConnell’s lead over her to 20 percent. Sensing that McConnell appears to be growing increasingly obsessed with her potential candidacy — no longer just relying on Rand […]

McConnell leaks internal poll confirming Judd can beat him, and he’s scared to death of her

The re-election campaign of Sen. Mitch McConnell claims he is invincible, and that any poll showing otherwise — like that of Public Policy Polling last week, finding him unpopular and only 4 percent ahead of the likes of Ashley Judd — is partisan garbage that you should pay no heed to. The funny thing is, […]

Rep. John Yarmuth’s statement on gun violence

Rep. John Yarmuth’s statement from this morning, below: “Last Friday’s incomprehensible tragedy in Connecticut requires every citizen, and certainly every public official, to reflect on our responsibilities to our fellow citizens, because what happened to so many innocent and helpless children and courageous educators in Newtown can happen in any of our towns to any […]

McConnell goes full tinfoil hat on bad poll numbers, PPP responds

Last night at three in the morning, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign sent out an email to supporters which reaffirmed how frightened they are by the new PPP poll showing how unpopular Mitch is and how vulnerable he is to defeat implied that President Obama himself ordered Public Policy Polling to release fake poll numbers that […]

McConnell campaign desperately spinning horrid poll numbers, failing hard

Minutes after Public Policy Polling released poll numbers from Kentucky showing Mitch McConnell as the least popular senator in the country, the McConnell campaign’s twitter feed went into spin overdrive: The spin here is that 1) PPP is not a credible firm because they do automated calls for surveys, and 2) The Courier-Journal’s poll with […]

PPP poll: Mitch McConnell unpopular in KY, vulnerable in 2014 race

Public Policy Polling — who performed as well as any firm in the country in last month’s election — released their poll of Kentucky voters today, showing Sen. Mitch McConnell as unpopular and vulnerable in his 2014 reelection campaign, but still leading potential challengers. McConnell’s approval rating is only 37 percent, with his disapproval rating […]

Mitch McConnell’s existential crisis

These are truly strange and confusing times for Mitch McConnell. Not only does Mitch have to pretend that he doesn’t despise the Tea Partiers out of fear for his own political extinction in Kentucky, last week on his home turf — the Senate floor — he looked more like a confused old man than the […]