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Momentum continues to build for hemp legalization bill in Kentucky (UPDATE)

Yesterday came news that on Feb. 11, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. John Yarmuth will testify before a state Senate committee in support of SB 50, which would legalize and regulate the farming of industrial hemp in Kentucky. In order to go forward, the federal government would have to grant Kentucky a waiver to allow […]

Ken Ham compromises on Biblical truth of saddled dinosaurs

Last night, Gov. Steve Beshear’s favorite evangelical grifter Ken Ham held a “Google+ live chat” in which he pitched his new digital book on “missionary lizards” to the homeschool parents he makes a good living off of. He answered questions from viewers, so I thought it was a good idea to ask one that I’ve […]

More C-J poll goodies: Kentuckians support Obama’s gun control proposals

While Sen. Mitch McConnell is busy screaming about irresponsible and paranoid gun fantasies about Nobama snatching up all yur gunz to the 17 percent of Kentuckians who still support him, he might want to take a step back and read this poll from The Courier-Journal that shows a clear majority of Kentuckians support all of […]

C-J poll: Only 17 percent plan on voting for McConnell in 2014

When Public Policy Polling released a poll in December showing that Sen. Mitch McConnell was the least popular senator in America, McConnell’s campaign screamed bloody murder, accusing the pollster of a grand conspiracy to smear Kentucky’s senior senator on orders from Barack Obama himself. The unhinged criticism of the poll touted one commissioned by The […]

Papa John’s PR firm suppressing critical bloggers?

After trying to scare people into voting for Mitt Romney lest the price of his pizzas command an extra “11-14 cents” due to President Obama’s health care reform law,  Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter has apparently hired a public relations firm to tell a blog to stop reminding people of that dark, dumb time. According […]

Hemp bill to get hearing in Frankfort, vote uncertain

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that the industrial hemp bill filed by State Sen. Paul Hornback will get a hearing in the Senate Agricultural Committee when the General Assembly shambles back into session next month. That’s largely because Hornback, R-Georgetown, chairs the Senate Agricultural Committee; however, the H-L cautions that this isn’t a guarantee that SB 50 — which […]

Taco Punk grovels for donations

Following the sudden Jan. 11 closure of tourist-and-cholesterol hotspot Lynn’s Paradise Cafe (whose eponymous owner, Lynn Winter, broke her “silence” in a statement published by The Courier-Journal), the taco truck-cum NuLu-based restaurant Taco Punk has fallen on hard times of its own. But instead of revitalizing the menu, offering specials, or consulting with Gordon Ramsay, […]

On House floor, Yarmuth calls on McConnell to apologize for gun falsehoods and fear-mongering (VIDEO)

In a speech on the House floor this morning, Rep. John Yarmuth called for Sen. Mitch McConnell to apologize to his supporters “for stoking totally irrational and unjustifiable fear” in a recent campaign email, which stated that President Obama’s minions are about to swoop into their homes and take their guns: To McConnell’s credit, at […]

Class action suit filed against city’s biggest private tax collector

One of Jefferson County’s largest private tax collectors has been named in a class-action lawsuit. A brief filed Jan. 22 in Jefferson County Circuit Court by attorney Ben Carter alleges that the tax collector Marliyn Hartley, while doing business as “DETCO,” charged “excessive and unlawful interest, attorney’s fees, administrative fees, servicing fees, and costs” to […]

Poll: Large majority of Kentuckians favor Medicaid expansion

While Gov. Steve Beshear decides whether to expand Medicaid to roughly 300,000 Kentuckians under the Affordable Care Act — and Republicans in the General Assembly are scheming to block his power to do so — a new poll released by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network shows an overwhelming majority of Kentuckians favor the […]