Mitch McConnell says ‘nevermind’ to everything he’s ever said on taxes

Sen. Mitch McConnell spent the last four years (well over two decades, really) saying that any increase of the tax rate for the super-rich — “job creators,” God bless them — would destroy the economy and kill jobs, and was only supported by people who wage class warfare and envy the successful heroes who make America great.

And just before the ball dropped in Times Square, Mitch McConnell said “nevermind,” orchestrating a last-second deal to raise the tax rates on individual income over $400,000.

While most of the Senate GOP stood with McConnell on the compromise, Sen. Rand Paul voted against it, blasting it with considerable fervor. He did not blast McConnell himself, of course, because Paul’s not going to interfere with his 2016 presidential campaign meal ticket.

The House passed the “McConnell Class Warfare Bill” last night, but with only one-third of Republicans voting for it. Kentucky congressmen Brett Guthrie, Ed Whitfield and Thomas Massie voted against it, and the Tea Party howling over “McConnell’s Envy” has already begun.

From Phillip Bailey at WFPL, Louisville Tea Party president Sarah Durand got that party started this morning:

McConnell took a bold and commendable step (even John Yarmuth praised him) by releasing his prized hostage unharmed — 98 percent of Americans who would have seen their taxes increase dramatically — but now he ought to check over his shoulder for any folks wearing tri-cornered hats and brandishing proverbial knives. Their devotion to protecting every penny of billionaires will not be as easily discarded as it was for McConnell.

*** UPDATE ***

Here’s Rep. Thomas Massie’s response to the vote in a press release this morning, in which he avoids calling it a “turd sandwich” this time:

“This plan is Washington kicking the can down the road,” said Massie. “The modest spending cuts agreed to in the 2011 debt ceiling deal are postponed by this bill. This bill does nothing to reform our bloated tax code—in fact the bill perpetuates Obama’s failed stimulus spending within the tax code. Finally, it fails to address entitlement reform or the solvency of Social Security and Medicare.”

“Democrats and Republicans in Congress are once again committing doublespeak by labeling tax increases as tax cuts, and spending increases as spending cuts. I am confident that the American people will see through this.”


“The citizens of Kentucky’s 4th District sent me to Washington to implement real solutions,” Massie continued. “My constituents know that only real and immediate spending cuts can avert our nation’s impending debt crisis.”

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  1. Al Roll
    Posted January 2, 2013 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    The sight of Mitch at the Tea Party Rally in Frankfort………………………….Priceless.

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