More C-J poll goodies: Kentuckians support Obama’s gun control proposals

While Sen. Mitch McConnell is busy screaming about irresponsible and paranoid gun fantasies about Nobama snatching up all yur gunz to the 17 percent of Kentuckians who still support him, he might want to take a step back and read this poll from The Courier-Journal that shows a clear majority of Kentuckians support all of the president’s new measures to decrease gun violence.

From the poll:

But when the pollster asked about gun control, 56 percent said they favor stricter laws.

And when individual components of Obama’s gun proposals were addressed, small to large majorities supported many of them. Those findings include:

• 75 percent support background checks on gun buyers, even if the sale is between private parties.

• 65 percent support a law that requires guns to be registered with the state.

• 53 percent support a law that limits how much ammunition can be purchased at one time.

• 51 percent support a limit on how much ammunition a gun can hold at once.

Someone please remind Mitch that if he makes it past the Tea Party/Liberty/Anarchy candidate in May of 2014, he’ll actually have to compete in something six months later called a “general election.” Or not…


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