Hemp takes center stage on ‘Kentucky Tonight’

On last night’s episode of “Kentucky Tonight,” host Bill Goodman fielded a debate on the growing movement surrounding legislation that would create a framework for industrial hemp cultivation and manufacture in the state.

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer  and former state treasurer and Recovering Politician founder Jonathan Miller argued for the economic benefits represented by the former cash crop.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer and Operation UNITE Vice President Dan Smoot took the contrarian route, speaking of the difficulty hemp would pose from a law enforcement perspective; about how marijuana growers would hide their plants within hemp crops; how hemp and marijuana are visually identical and therefore harder to detect; and that marijuana, when smoked, will make you die from a prescription pill overdose somewhere down the line, so no hemp for you; or how pot smokers will, when caught, cry hemp, for which science provides no field tests.

Click here to watch.

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