PCCC running anti-McConnell ad during UL basketball game this weekend

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee revealed this morning that they will be expanding their ad buy to spread their new ad blasting Sen. Mitch for opposing common sense gun control reforms while taking in loads of money from the gun industry.

For those watching McConnell’s beloved Cardinals playing the roundball on Saturday, they’re going to get a big dose of it. Here’s where the ads will run:

-During the Louisville Cardinals basketball game in Louisville, Lexington and DC — McConnell is an alumnus and “remains a rabid fan of its sports teams.” Many of his constituents will be tuning in.

-On the big three Sunday poltical talk shows in Lexington & Louisville

-Before and after Tuesday’s State of the Union address on broadcast and cable in Louisville and Lexington and Cable in DC — including McConnell’s favorite, FOX news

“Thousands of families across Kentucky will tune into the basketball game, the Sunday political talk shows, and the State of the Union address,” says PCCC co-founder Adam Green. “They will see that despite 82% of Kentuckians supporting criminal background checks for gun purchases, Mitch McConnell sides with the big gun industry that has spent $198,615 to get him elected.”

Meanwhile, an anti-Mitch right-wing group runs online ads attacking McConnell from his right, Karl Rove’s Super PAC is attacking Ashley Judd with an online video, and D.C. heavy hitters Global Strategy Group has set up a conveniently timed email list for Judd.

And Jesse Benton — McConnell’s campaign manager — and Karl Rove continue to spin wildly out-of-control and insist that the Tea Party loves them, as the Tea Party openly plots their demise.

The off-season is over, and the 2014 Senate race has begun.


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