Sen. Rand Paul is a child (UPDATES)

A child who likes to play Mad Libs, apparently:

No explanation really needed here…

***** UPDATE *****

OK, fine. I’ll explain more.

This was a fundraising mailer sent out by the National Association for Gun Rights — given to the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence by an amused support who received it in the mail — a small/strange conspiracy group that attempts to raise money off of mysterious boogeymen who are out to take your guns.

And this isn’t the first time that Rand Paul has helped this group lie in order to raise money, as he penned a very long 2011 fundraising email for them warning how the United Nations is going to storm into your house and confiscate your guns because of a fictional agreement with Hillary Clinton.

But as we all know about Rand Paul, he’s no stranger to making up fictional boogeymen for political gain.

***** UPDATE #2 *****

Here’s the scan of Rand’s paranoid psychosis letter inside the Mad Libs envelope, in which he says that Team Obama/Feinstein are coming to confiscate your shotguns and handguns so that they can turn America into a “cesspool of rape, violence and murder,” like Mexico. It’s all very senatorial…