Monthly Archives: March 2013

Ashley Judd announces she will not run for Senate

It’s official, and she’s passing. The tweets from Judd are below: Go Grimes, Go? Stay tuned…

Rand Paul’s re-branding continues with huge rhetorical flip on abortion

Sen. Rand Paul continued to make 2016 waves in the wake of his March 14 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he furthered his argument that the Republican Party is “mossy” and “decaying,” badly in need of some fresh young blood in order to compete for votes in the West and Northeast and […]

Gov. Beshear shocks the world, vetoes HB 279

Gov. Steve Beshear just shocked the liberals of Kentucky by making a bold stand for civil rights in the face of phantom fears of religious persecution, vetoing HB 279, the so-called religious freedom bill. The bill will now go back to the state House, where they can either override the veto with a simple majority […]

Mayor Fischer asks Gov. Beshear to veto HB 279

It took a while, but this afternoon Mayor Greg Fischer finally asked Gov. Steve Beshear to veto the so-called “religious freedom bill,” HB 279. Below is the very detailed letter in which Fischer calls the proposed law unnecessary, possibly unconstitutional, bad for business, and bad for civil rights protections, including Louisville’s LGBT fairness ordinances. The […]

Rand Paul prepares 180-degree flip on immigration rhetoric (UPDATE)

If you followed Rand Paul’s general election campaign for Senate in 2010 right after he imploded while opining on the tyranny of the Civil Rights Act on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” you probably remember the dizziness you felt watching Rand Paul quickly flip on many of his controversial positions in order to get elected. But […]

Yet another study links mountaintop removal mining to adverse health effects

The Journal of Rural Health has released yet another study showing mountaintop removal mining is linked to serious health problems, such as increased risk of asthma, heart disease, multiple organ disease, and cancer. Here’s the full damage from the KFTC/Kentucky Environmental Foundation press release that 90 percent of Kentucky’s General Assembly will ignore, because coal […]

McConnell finds a woman who likes him, puts her in first TV ad

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign just released their first insanely early “positive” TV ad that is “targeting women older than 25 in Louisville and Lexington,” and here she is: Those are certainly some positive accomplishments of McConnell that Elaine lists there. And since all ladies know each other, we’re sure they’ll now come flocking to support […]

On heels of his vote against VAWA, McConnell targets KY women

Sen. Mitch McConnell may not want to fully fund the organizations, agencies, counselors, prosecutors, attorneys and law enforcement officers who help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Kentucky remain safe from their tormenters, but there is one thing that he does want: Their votes! Mitch McConnell plans to begin running television commercials in […]

DSCC re-evaluating Judd, taking second look at Grimes

LEO Weekly has learned from multiple Democratic sources that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is now applying the brakes to their once all-in support of Ashley Judd as the challenger of choice against Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014. While not ready to abandon Judd, they are now taking a serious second look at recruiting Kentucky […]

Credit to McConnell where it is due

We give Sen. Mitch McConnell quite a bit of criticism here, but we’re pleased to report that our senator has finally enacted some major reform that will help people all over the state and country. He officially killed and buried the Harlem Shake: Our thanks to McConnell for showing compassion that we didn’t know he […]