On heels of his vote against VAWA, McConnell targets KY women

Sen. Mitch McConnell may not want to fully fund the organizations, agencies, counselors, prosecutors, attorneys and law enforcement officers who help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Kentucky remain safe from their tormenters, but there is one thing that he does want:

Their votes!

Mitch McConnell plans to begin running television commercials in Kentucky on Thursday, 20 months before the election.

The Senate Minority Leader, who polls suggest is perhaps the most vulnerable Republican incumbent up in 2014, is targeting women older than 25 in Louisville and Lexington with a six-figure buy.

A source that tracks media buys told POLITICO that McConnell will be up for one week.

The McConnell campaign confirmed the buy, saying they will run a positive spot and noting that there is an accompanying radio component.

We’re as interested as you to see what “positive” things Mitch has done for women in Kentucky, but we think there’s one point that needs to be perfectly clear: McConnell’s perhaps historically early 20-month head start on TV advertising is NOT a sign that he is vulnerable to defeat because he is the least popular senator in the country and panicking.

After all, this is the man that was kind enough to let Rand Paul join his filibuster to protect you ladies from Obama’s plan to kill you in a New York cafe with drones made by Mitch’s campaign contributors.

Yes, nothing to see here but a popular, positive and beloved senator. Move along, now.

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