Adam Edelen joins Jerry Abramson in the marriage equality club

Yesterday afternoon, Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson won first prize in our LEO Weekly marriage equality sweepstakes, as he was the first Democratic constitutional officer to respond to our question by saying that he fully supports same sex marriage rights. Which we’re pretty sure makes him the first sitting constitutional officer in Kentucky history to make such a humane and righteous stand.

Beshear and Conway have already chosen to give us the runaround, and Grimes has yet to even acknowledge the receipt of the email (or the follow up one), but Adam Edelen has now joined the party with the response below:

“I believe equal protection of the law and equality of opportunity are central to the American experiment and they ought to apply to every American.”

Hmmm. We thought that was a little vague, so we followed up with his spokeswoman Stephenie Steitzer to get some clarification:

LEO: You know I have to ask, but is Adam talking in general random terms about equality or is he talking about same sex marriage?

Steitzer: Both.

Judges…..? Ding ding ding! Yes, we have another unexpected civil rights winner among our Democratic constitutional officers! Congrats to Mr. Edelen!

When Abramson came out for marriage equality yesterday, our mega-cynical first instinct was to assume this was a sign that he would be passing on future statewide races, such as one for governor in 2015, and feels safe enough to step up in public and do the right thing. But coupled with the response from Edelen, who has a long career ahead of him and presumably big plans in 2015 and 2019, I’m thinking the dynamic may be different now. Both men may be stepping up for marriage equality not just because it is right, but because they believe two years from now the state will have moved so far that in order to win a Democratic gubernatorial primary in Kentucky, it actually helps to be on the right side of history, and might not hurt in the general election too much either.

Now on to that next order of business…. overturning that hideous 2004 constitutional amendment banning civil unions and gay marriage. Any takers?

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