Rand Paul says abortion should be illegal, because GATTACA


Sen. Rand Paul — the “socially tolerant” “moderate” “libertarian” — spoke at a Right to Life banquet in Owensboro yesterday, making his case that the government should force every pregnant woman by law to give birth or else face criminal penalties, because that’s what Liberty is all about.

The Messenger-Inquirer covered the event and found some interesting words from Paul, including:

“Our message doesn’t have to be one of fire and brimstone — OK, maybe a little fire and brimstone,” Paul said. “But it needs to be one of hope. We should bring our message forth in an optimistic way.”

See, that’s the tolerance Paul’s talking about. We shouldn’t tell women all of the time that they’re going to hell for killing their baby… we should just tell them they’re going to hell some of the time! But there’s hope that you won’t kill your baby and you can go to heaven… there’s your optimistic message! That’s what being a moderate is all about, folks.

But here’s the most fascinating part:

In his speech, he used the 1997 science fiction film “Gattaca” to demonstrate his views on abortion. The film is about a future society that profiles embryonic genes and screens them for diseases prior to implanting them. The main character, who had an imperfection in his DNA and was predicted to die at age 30, used someone else’s DNA to fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut.

“Imagine that kind of world, like a China with a one-child rule controlled by the state … a world where man has the ability to perfect DNA,” Paul said. “Will we get to that point where we eliminate people?”

Paul told the stories of a few renowned people with disabilities, including theoretical physicist Steven Hawking, who has a paralyzing motor neuron disease; Irish writer and painter Christy Brown, who had cerebral palsy; and prolific German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven, who was deaf.

“Wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony if we decided only those with perfect DNA could be born?” Paul said. “Would we eliminate part of our humanness, part of our specialness? Would we be flying too close to the sun?”

Lest you might think this was just a passing reference to the 1990s Uma Thurman-Ethan Hawke box office bomb as an example of why abortion should be illegal in America, check out this tweet from an anti-abortion supporter who attended:

rand gattaca

15 minutes of Gattaca! I bet that speech was as gripping for the audience as Gattaca itself. It’s a funny anecdote about the horrors of a government mandating the reproductive choices of women, because after all, that’s Paul’s ultimate goal.

To those who follow Paul, the fact that he uses dystopian fiction as a basis for making policy in the real world should be no surprise. 1984 is a phenomenal novel and skewering of the totalitarian rule of the Soviet Union, but Paul videos like kind of give the impression that he thinks this is real.

And just because you love Atlas Shrugged doesn’t mean that it’s proof you need to bust unions:

But I’m still holding out hope that he thinks Galt’s Gulch of the Caymens is real, though that probably won’t happen until his presidential campaign falters:

Let’s just hope that Paul doesn’t watch the new Independence Day flick next summer. That might make him abandon his legitimate support for cutting the military budget, because we’ll need a beefed up military force to fight those dastardly aliens when they attack.


  1. Ryan
    Posted October 21, 2013 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    This is another example of the extreme absurdity of Rand Paul and other so-called “Libertarian” adherents. The notion that reproductive rights are somehow better and more “free” if they are completely out of the hands of the women who are actually facing these decisions runs counter to basic logic. It is proof positive that Rand Paul is just another well connected political romantic who cares little about extend liberty, and much about extending the corporatocracy’s control over our lives. Make no mistake, any fighting done for certain civil liberties is only to keep with his platform and not alienate his base or expose him as an outright hypocrite.

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