Spy in McConnell campaign produces yet another video gem for our amusement/terror (UPDATE)

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Look into my eyes

The campaign of incomprehensible Auto-Tune rhymes, murdering the Harlem Shake meme, Lucas Baiano laugh-fests, and Mitch McConnell: Hair Band Gun Warrior has gone ahead and outdone themselves with their latest WTF moment, below:

If you’re just now discovering this video, I’m sure your first thought is, “Well, that’s a parody video, look at the first 13 seconds!” But no, that’s an honest to God real video put up last night by Mitch McConnell’s Senate campaign.

Is this an attempt to show the kids that McConnell is just a nice fellow like you, pretending to sign important documents and lead very important board room discussions (filmed during his 2008 campaign), while occasionally peering into your soul? That seems like a possibility, but unlikely.

I’m not saying there’s a spy in the McConnell campaign deliberately putting out ridiculous videos simply to entertain or terrify us. All I’m saying is that it’s too soon to rule that theory out.

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Always watching, smiling

***** UPDATE *****

OK, so it’s not a spy in their campaign, nor is it a legitimate attempt to make Mitch look like a kind and gentle humanoid. Instead, it’s just a ploy to coordinate with Super PACs so that they can use the campaign’s B-roll footage without explicitly breaking the law.

But other folks can also use the footage for their own purposes. Like this Full House remix:

And Hardcore Mitch:

And perhaps my personal favorite, Dramatic Mitch:

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  1. Merlin1963
    Posted March 12, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    This is what happens when you are unpopular. You need to spend time and money trying to convince voters who should be in your corner to back you once again. Mitch is not used to doing this. Mitch has been able to make most of his contests about how awful the other guy is, but not now. I think this is why his commercials and videos about himself have been so terrible.

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