What type of racist are you? A guide to online comments

Recent violence in Waterfront Park and Downtown Louisville has people talking. Not surprisingly, a lot of it has been pretty damn racist. Here at LEO, we read all of the comments of our local news outlets and wept for humanity, so you don’t have to.

Here’s our baseline. This comment doesn’t make any sweeping generalizations about entire groups of people. It’s rational and not at all racist. Take a screenshot because this is a rarity:

The week of Christmas my home was burglarized. I live in the suburbs. Three other homes on my street (my white neighbors) were broken into as well. They caught them. It was 3 white 21-year-olds. Is it fair for me to judge all white people for that?

With the calm and rational stuff out of the way, let’s get to the eight types of people you can expect if you make the mistake of reading the comments.

8. The “there is a chance I might not be racist but I am definitely crazy” commenters who propose using fully automatic weapons on groups of people in public spaces

“Machine guns with cameras” is what he meant to say, right? Gun-grabbers are right about one thing—we don’t need 30-round magazines. We need 200+.

7. The “black people are out to get me” people who don’t even live in Louisville but still comment on our local news sites

 I wouldn’t go to Louisville, Baltimore, D.C. or L.A. if you paid me. It’s open season on Caucasians. Do you think Holder cares? It’s payback. Black kids who do something positive will only be accused of “acting white.”

6. The separate-but-equal racists

Sounds like Louisville needs to wall off part of the city.

5. The people who believe that whites don’t riot, they just party hard! 

White people don’t tear up their cities; they build them.

4. The classy racists, who evoke the memory of dead teenagers:

Oh wait… Those are black teens shown on the video… That can’t be… Right? I bet they were just looking for Skittles.

3. Students of history who take their lessons from the Internet

You’re proud of what exactly… I’d really like to know? The color of your skin? Don’t even bring up the bogus slavery bit, because Whites were slaves in this country long before the Blacks, and they were treated WORSE, because they were not as valuable.

 2. The time-traveling racists from 1860 whose great-great-great-great-great granddaughter taught them how to use the Internet

Lynch them

1. The unclassifiable scum

Boy, our policy of pretending blacks are people is really working out well, huh?

Our soul hurts. Racism is alive and well in 2014. For more soul-crushing comments, see Twitter user @LvilleNewsDoge’s take.

One Comment

  1. NothingButTruth
    Posted April 10, 2014 at 11:08 am | Permalink

    You liberal Ass-hats make me sick.
    Your logic: Lets ignore what one race is doing and blame the backlash from the victims on racism.
    When in the hell are you going to remove your head from your ass? This is not news, and hardly worthy of anyone’s time.
    FACT: Blacks are 12% of the population. According to official government data, They are responsible for 90% of violent crime. (And PLEASE, look it up)
    FIX that problem and then we will talk. UNTIL then, please for the love of god leave the liberal jerk circle for a few minutes, grow a brain of your own, and actually do something productive with your time.

    And NO… For the record. THIS isn’t a racist comment. This is a factually supported comment that is requesting we stop ignoring the problem and try to do something about the culture of violence coming from our black youth.