Rand Paul indirectly raising money to defeat Mitch McConnell, via FreedomWorks

The Rand Paul-Mitch McConnell shotgun marriage certainly hasn’t had the greatest honeymoon we’ve ever seen. The awkward silences, the held noses, the diminishing returns… it hasn’t gone as smoothly as the groom and groom had hoped.

Today it just got a little more awkward, as Rand Paul penned a fundraising email for FreedomWorks. The same organization that is spending money in Kentucky on a grassroots GOTV effort to elect Matt Bevin and retire Mitch McConnell.

Here’s the email:


Obama just asked the District Court to THROW OUT our lawsuit against him and the NSA. I need your help.

Two months ago, FreedomWorks and I sued the Obama Administration on behalf of your Constitutional rights. Our lead attorney Ken Cuccinelli filed a class action lawsuit to STOP the NSA’s reported massive, warrantless-collection of your personal data.

But Obama wants to dismiss the case, he wants to stop us. We can’t let him win.

Joe, we’re not going to back down. We’re not going to give in and LET Obama win. But lawsuits like this are expensive. And that’s why I need you to help us raise $200,000 in the next 5 days. We can’t afford to lose this case. That’s why FreedomWorks and I need your help today.

Please chip in $50, $35, or $15 right now to support our lawsuit against Barack Obama and the NSA!


I know you’ve heard the reports from Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Fox News, and almost every other news outlet. The NSA may be spying on you. They may be tracking your phone records. They may be monitoring your emails. Joe, it’s possible they’re even tracking your movements – all without a warrant.

This needs to change. Our Founding Fathers fought and died for our Bill of Rights and to protect us from government spying. They didn’t risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for you and me to live under tyranny.

Please, Joe I need you to donate $50, $35, or $15 right now.

We cannot let a few members of the Washington elite tarnish our entire nation. I was raised to believe America was the moral beacon of the world – and I still believe that. The reports of the NSA’s mass data collection are not befitting of our great country.

We are standing up for our Constitutional rights. We can’t let Obama dismiss this case. Will you support us?

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

The money raised from the email is going towards “the lawsuit,” yes. But FreedomWorks is still FreedomWorks. While Team Mitch went absolutely ballistic in blacklisting anyone who associated with the Senate Conservatives Fund — who had the gall to hit McConnell with TV attack ads in Kentucky while supporting Bevin — they have not laid a glove on anyone for associating with FreedomWorks yet, especially not Rand Paul. Why not? Because Rand has the “hand” in this marriage.

And considering the subject of Rand’s lawsuit — and McConnell’s long voting record of supporting domestic spying programs, even under the dreaded Obama — this would be a perfect weak spot for Bevin to hit McConnell on. That is, if he wasn’t busy making the focus of his campaign trying to convince Republicans that Mitch actually loves Obamacare and the EPA. This NSA issue should have been at the forefront of Bevin’s campaign message, but it’s barely even been mentioned. Too busy courting the Big Cockfighting lobby, maybe.

Rocky and awkward honeymoon or not, Mitch McConnell is getting his end of the deal when he beats Bevin — barring a miracle — on May 20. After his primary victory, McConnell might actually get some “hand,” and certain campaign managers might move on to other projects.

***** UPDATE *****

Also of note from Rand’s email: His cites FreedomWorks’ lead attorney, Ken Cuccinelli, who officially endorsed Matt Bevin last week. Later in the email, Rand name-drops Mark Levin — who supports Bevin — and Glenn Beck, who literally thinks that Bevin was sent by God down from heaven for the purpose of defeating the progressive national socialist Mitch McConnell.


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