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2009 in Under 25 Minutes

If you weren’t paying much attention to things in 2009 (say you had a kid, lost your home or (worse) became obsessed with Lady GaGa) here is perhaps the best analysis of where this country — and the White House — is at, minus any real mention of Afghanistan, and distilled into 25 minutes by three […]

Lunchbox: Militias on the loose

Militias?!?!: Oh god. Chris Kenning’s wonderful story in Sunday’s CJ about the uptick in Kentucky militias — a reaction to the crap-ass economy and the election of President Obama — left us unsettled and a little afraid, with echoes of Waco playing in our heads. Read it. Dog days continue: In last week’s print issue […]

The Trillionaires

Dwarfing earlier multi-billion dollar bailouts, Bloomberg News reports the Federal Reserve says it is prepared to give up $7.76 trillion on behalf of taxpayers to thaw the credit markets. At this point, no one knows where the money is going. The Fed refuses to tell the press exactly who received the $2 trillion of emergency […]

Main Street strikes back

As this Hobbesian decade comes to perhaps its final sad chapter, America facing economic uncertainty seems rather poetic. After international terrorism, multiple wars, domestic destruction, a sickening popular culture and a crumbling infrastructure, a financial meltdown is almost scripted. The failure to pass the record $700 billion bailout in the House has been the headline […]

Yarmuth voted against failed $700 bailout

Joining 40 percent of Democrats, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-KY3, voted against the $700 billion emergency bailout, which failed to pass the House today in a 228-205 vote. This is an unusual vote against party lines for Yarmuth, who votes with Democrats 97.7% of the time. However, as national media outlets pointed out, the bailout […]