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House passes historic health care bill

The year-long fight over health care reform took a historic step tonight. The divided House of Representatives approved what has been President Barack Obama’s chief domestic issue with a 219-212 vote. Here’s the roll call. As political observers predicted only one member of Kentucky’s delegation supported the bill — U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3, who […]

Coming Soon to A Public Works Project Near You

In order to raise visibility of the stimulus’ impact, President Obama today unveiled an emblem (pictured at left) that will adorn each and every highway expansion, bridge paint job, and bus stop that is under construction and paid for by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. No word yet on weather T-shirts or other apparel […]

Lunchbox: Park it pal!

Who and the gang?: Police arrested five young men in connection to two recent homicides. The quintet call themselves the “Cut Throat Committee,” another splinter gang of the Market Street Crips, according to Lt. Barry Wilkerson, head of the homicide unit. Very similar to the notorious “Click Tight Gang,” a group of 11 who went […]

Lunchbox: Leadership wanted

M.C. hammers: At last night’s Budget Committee meeting, Metro Council Republicans criticized the mayor for not giving the legislative body a larger role in finding ways to fix a $20 million hole in the city’s budget. Words like “contempt,” “fumbling” and “impulsive” were thrown around. It’s true the mayor’s office doesn’t go out of its […]

Lunchbox: Jane goes bye-bye

City CFO retires: With the city facing its worst economic crisis in nearly three decades, you have to question the timing of Jane Driskell’s retirement. The city’s chief financial officer says her decision was based on changes in the state retirement system that would result in her losing benefits if she didn’t bail before Dec. […]

Lunchbox: Being broke is so depressing … edition

Ridin’ the rails: TARC is going to spend up to $150,000 to study a commuter rail line that would connect Louisville, Fort Knox and Elizabethtown (plus points in between), the C-J reports. You’ll recall that the group of advocates behind the proposal — Kentucky-Indiana Rail Advocates and the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation […]

Lunchbox: Get yr green on

Bluegrass going green: Gov. Beshear’s office announced this morning that the state has joined The Climate Registry, a nonprofit group trying to normalize the measuring of greenhouse gases. According to the agreement, which Page One has here, the state will help develop a common method for measuring the harmful emissions and submit KY’s emissions regularly […]

Lunchbox: One more day(!)

Early and once: Tomorrow’s the big day, folks. Go vote for the person you think can pull the country from the shit-pile in the quickest, most economically sound and viable way possible — all the way down the ticket. If you’re in KY, here is the best site for all the relevant voting info. If […]

Lunchbox: Halloween edition

Cool toys: Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2008 include a retail DNA test, just in case you have some immediate paternity questions. Mr. Hope’s hangmen caught: Two UK students were arrested for hanging an Obama effigy from a tree on campus. They said it was in response to the Palin mannequin hung from a balcony […]

Lunchbox: Hanging Mr. Hope

$2.28: The price for a gallon of gas at my pit stop. Tanking the American economy is one way to lower gas prices. Grand(iose) jury: A Marshall County grand jury will decide — probably late next week — whether criminal charges are warranted in Recorder-gate, the faux controversy sparked when a GOP operative stashed an […]