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It’s Official: FOX NEWS Rampant with Assholes

We normally don’t admit to reading the Gawker, but this was simply too good to pass up. Behold this fascinating tale from a far away kingdom called “Brookland,” wherein a FOX NEWS reporter engages in a bit of SUV-jousting with cyclist Brian Dooda. An excerpt: Dooda says he never laid hands on Broderick [The driver], […]

8664: New angle

We’re a couple days after the fact here, but this bears a reposting: The folks over at have released a new POV video, driving into the city from the east end, hopping off at the “Waterfront Parkway” exit and cruising west. A couple things: First, it’s difficult to watch this and not get all […]

Ride the center line

Yesterday afternoon, as our intrepid team of web designers was putting the last touches on this fancy new website of ours, a few members of the editorial dept. went for a ride downtown. We were hunting for a cover shot of the city for a story coming next week about, well, downtown. Cruising down East […]

Bike to work week

Hey folks, this week is National Bike to Work Week, so get hip. Mayor Abramson is riding to work on Friday. We encourage you to do it every day. Or, you know, the days it’s not raining for a start. Read more about it here. (SG)