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Butchertown, JBS Swift & Beyond

Since that much ballyhooed “confrontation” between Louisville Metro’s Board of Zoning Adjustments and JBS/Swift never happened (Sorry, Chase Cain), and the facts themselves have become a tad bit convoluted, here’s a link to, which has been covering the ongoing struggle between the Butchertown neighborhood and their stinkiest resident better than any other local media. […]

Swift v. Butchertown, Part 46

Or so it would seem with this latest news from the ongoing struggle between Butchertown and their pig-slaughtering, illegally-expanding neighbor, JBS USA, aka Swift, aka The Stinkiest Goddamn Place in all of Louisville. Via the C-J: The Butchertown Neighborhood Association wants to postpone a hearing set for Monday on revoking a permit that allows JBS […]

A ride with the Nasal Ranger

In a story I wrote for the print edition this week, about a resurgent Butchertown Neighborhood Association and the inestimable Swift meatpacking odor, I mentioned the Nasal Ranger field olfactometer, a rather odd kind of technology that measures the density of a particular stench and offers a reading. One needs to be able to quantify […]